Circus Performer, Producer and Facilitator


One half of StrongWomen Science, a circus-science show that shows the science behind circus tricks and how failing is a really important part of science and circus.

  • Abu Dhabi Science Fest 2020, Buckingham Palace 2019, Cork Midsummer 2019, Edinburgh International Science Festival 2019, Westminster Abbey 2019.

Founding member of Síolta, a contemporary, humorous ensemble acrobatic street company, reshaping the mold for Irish street shows.

  • Carnival of Colours Reimagined, Derry 2020, Cairde Festival, Sligo 2019, Circaire, Mallorca 2019, Pitch’d, Cork 2019, Fira B, Mallorca 2019.

Circus Strong Woman acts,

  • Heavy Duty Dame, a vintage strong woman inspired by tradition.  London Museum of Art and Ideas 2019, Natural History Museum 2018
  • Rock Hard Roxy, laugh out loud, cheeky cabaret. Dublin Circus Festival 2018, National Circus Festival of Ireland 2017.


Youth and Social Circus Coordinator Dublin Circus Project, establishing and developing circus educational programs in Dublin for diverse groups, 100+ engaged weekly.

Project Leader UEFA 2020 Street Activations, designing and coordinating bespoke street art troupes for the largest sport event ever hosted in Dublin City.

Project leader Clowns Without Borders, coordinating community lead project for underserved communities.


Circus and theater workshops for diverse groups.