We are Ireland’s leading support and advocacy organisation for the development of street arts, circus and spectacle art forms.

We believe in the transformative nature of these art forms, and we’re here to champion the artists and their work

Our Vision

To be a leading example of an artist first members network which supports and grows the street, circus and spectacle artforms of Ireland

Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate our artforms, advocate for the policy and practical changes that will allow our artforms to flourish, grow our membership and sustain our organisation.

Our Values

The following core values underpin and inform our work:

  • Care – We value nurturing relationships, supporting our membership across a range of issues and strive for a genuinely inclusive community which connects and cares for each other and the development of the art forms.
  • Ambition – We laud ambitious actions and thinking, growing determined, proud, confident and resilient behaviour across and between our membership.
  • Encouragement  – We endeavour to encourage and empower our members in their journeys, their professional development, and their creativity.
  • Integrity – We are honest, trustworthy, and open with our members, our Board, our team, our partners, and our funders/stakeholders. We use our resources well, consider all viewpoints, offer solutions where we can and act with integrity.

Information & resource sharing

We are the main point of information and resource sharing for the street arts, circus and spectacle sector in Ireland. We regularly share opportunities, such as funding, jobs, residences, call outs and events.

Advocacy & Policy development

We contribute to National Policy development advocating widely through direct interaction, written representation and formal presentations both public and private. Our work includes:

  • Highlighting the profile and visibility of our members work and sector to both the public and key stakeholders in the cultural, political, funding and advocacy sectors;
  • Hosting events and representing the sector nationally and abroad;
  • Furthering research work on audience and the sector
  • Submissions to national institutions on national laws and policies, including insurance reform.

Training & Professional Support

We work directly with industry experts and provide regular training, workshops, mentorship and professional support to our members.

National & International Networking

We continue to grow and develop our connections across Ireland, the UK and Europe through building direct relationships and memberships with a wide range of partners including Circostrada, IETM, Outdoor Arts UK, Articulture, Theatre Forum and the Irish Theatre Institute.


More information on our Strategic Plan and 2021 Annual Report can be found below: