BOOST is an intensive, 3 day a week, course designed to propel you to the next level in your journey as a contemporary circus artist.

The course will take pace from September to December 2023 in Dublin Circus Project’s well equipped venue in Cherry Orchard, Dublin 10.

You will study a range of skills including theatre, dance, conditioning and flexibility as well as choosing to focus on 3 of the following skill areas: Manipulation, Aerial, Acrobatics and Aerial. You will also be paired with a tutor for one on one sessions in one of your main skill disciplines.

This course has a strong focus on creativity and physicality to enable you to develop as a well-rounded artist.

This is an exciting new opportunity to train with our team of experienced tutors who will guide you to push your limits and evolve your voice as an artist and your personal expression.

Online info session 1 o’clock 26th June sign up here.

Application deadline is the 14th of July

For more info visit DCP website.