Join Dublin Circus Project and attend “Sclimpíní – Dancing Lights” –  a multidisciplinary contemporary circus show created by a cast of 12 emerging, professional artists as part of Dublin Circus Project’s BOOST training program.


10th of December ‘23, at 3pm & 6pm.


The Complex, Arran Street East, Dublin 7.

How much does it cost?

Tickets, €15, €10 child.

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The audience will be transported to a world where magical beings twist and contort, climb and fall, throw and catch before disappearing again into the mist. The show is suitable for all ages Featuring a mix of aerial rope, live music, juggling, trapeze, clown, acrobatics, hula hoop, hand balancing, hat and chair manipulation.

Performers Gary O’Rourke, Sadbh Grehan, Hannah Ryan, Claire McKervy, Em Murphy, Cian Booth, Shane O’Leary, Inza Sudway, Louise Glendinning, Nathan MacDonnell, Molly O’Brien, Juliette O’Donnell

Tutors: Fadi Zmorrod, Deidre Griffin, Emmet Louis, Sev Feathers, Alain Serviant, Angelica Santander, Monika Palova, Chloe Commins, Grant Goldie, Kourtney Pavlov, Emmen Jude Donnely, Naomhan Joyce.

Director – Alain Servant, Choreography – Deidre Griffin, Assistant Director – Angelica Santander, Sound Design – John Linnane, Lighting Design – Conleth White