Emmen is a consummate aerial performer and credited circus mentor. His diverse practices strike a balance between the understanding of physicality & an unabashed sense of whimsy, layered with the experienced handling of their technique. His work takes a confident creative stride towards exploring new methodology with aerial and acrobatics, unashamed of his fierce playfulness and untamed curiosity. Emmen cuts an impressive physical presence on stage, and is highly respected for the use of his studious and personable creative skills.

Primarily working as an Aerialist, Emmen has many facets to their creative repertoire such as Aerial Dance & Acrobatics, Contemporary Dance/theater and Object Manipulation. Having his combined interests supported at a young age with a credited sportsman as a father and an artist/musician as a mother, he struck a balance within his creative direction culminating in a BA HONS Degree in Fine and Applied arts from University Ulster, Belfast in 2005 which he carries into his credited circus career.

Over the past decade Emmen has helped inform the trajectory of contemporary circus in Ireland, North and South. He has been involved in delivering award winning conceptual aerial shows, worked alongside other innovative & emerging artists as well as supported aerial and circus studios find their feet and take their first steps towards producing quality aerial and circus tuition.