For years now I’ve been working alongside other local and international artists to help build upon our repertoire and understanding of our individual and group practices.  These seemingly arbitrary choices to combine and create have lead me in many different directions, illuminating areas needing attention within our communities applied aerial methodologies. We’ve addressed attitudes in our aerial culture surrounding training, technical & creative exploration and understanding ones own practical application in the process.  These collaborations have always been positive, without bias and focused on immersing in creative and constructive play.

This has always been a joy!

Covid pushed a lot of this aside, taking away the liberty of collaboration and forced us all to stay apart, stay safe and allow our intentions to pause without pressure. Trapped in amber, I felt that opportunity for endless musings, conversations, brainstorming, crafting and creating shouldn’t have to suffer due to this momentary shift in the world but we should take this opportunity to reach out, connect and keep our communities alive.  Thanks to arts councils and other funding bodies these important connections have not been let slip, in fact they’ve flourished!

I am so thankful to Irish artists like Claire Higgins, Hannah Gumbrielle, Susie McDonagh & Jonathan Walsh who have allowed me to be apart of their creative processes. NO topic was off the table, everything from gender politics, ideals of privilege, the class system, “the aerial police”, disability awareness, Halloween decorations and even aspects of mental health and continuing professional development at home were brought forward over a cuppa coffee on Zoom.  These projects have ignited me, galvanizing that aspect of my career I was putting off until I was “older”.  If I’ve learned anything from these amazing beings it is WHY WAIT! Be bold, be defiant, be different and celebrate our communities in all their rainbow glory.

This year I hope to visit The Irish Aerial Creation Center in Limerick to work alongside those on the Level Up & Unlocked Residencies where we will get  back into the air and tackle the beast that is Aerial Rope…I can’t describe my excitement to be in a room with other aerialists and get back to working!  Thank you to all involved in these projects, past and present and to all of those who are able to get into the air again in the near future.

Special shout out to Tumble Circus who I got to spend some quality time with recently, helping them focus on Aerial movement, floor based repertoire and even some hooping! Much love!