Just Hold On

Online training provided by Emmen, an experienced and respected aerial/circus tutor. These sessions have been running since April 2020 and have played a key role in keeping grounded aerialists in Ireland/UK focused and engaged! These sessions are open to all, focused on togetherness and keeping our communities connected!

MONDAY MOBILITY 7pm – 8pm – £5/E5 -This hour long session is aimed at keeping those circus limbs moving smoothly and challenged.  Come join us & follow focused and immersive floor based exercises and keep working on alignments, endurance and stamina at home!

WEDNESDAY WORKOUT – 7pm – 8pm – £5/E5 – This H.I.I.T style session is targeted at those looking to really hon in on their strength and conditioning! Interval based workouts that are filled with cardio repertoire and skill specific exercises lasting one hour!

FRIDAY FLEXIBILITY – 7pm-8pm – £5/E5 – If you want to work on active flexibility then this session will be for you!  A holistic approach to working on flexibility is easy to follow and adaptable to your home.  If you like pushing yourself, then this session is for you!

SATURDAY CIRCUS – 10am – 11:15am – £7/E7 – New to February 2021, this session will take place every Saturday morning throughout February and is aimed at working on inversions.  Headstands and Handstands with a little social circus sprinkled on top, keeping you engaged, working hard on new shapes and allowing you the time to focus on alignments, stamina and pushing your limitations safely!

Get in contact for more information at: emmendonnelly@gmail.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/_theboneman_

Facebook: www.facebook.com/EmmenArt