Kathleen is available to create bespoke aerial for all occasions; corporate, theatre, openings, festivals, events.

Once considered in a review as “the feisty redheaded powerhouse”. Her hair colour may change, but her performances are consistently compelling. Trained from a young age in ballet, making a smooth transition into contemporary and then aerial, she has toured extensively; Korea, Hong Kong, Europe and USA with various companies

Kathleen’s love of beauty and her creativity shapes it’s own style, blending graceful flow and hypnotic fluidity with the strength and fearlessness demanded of the aerial arts. Kathleen’s true love will always be aerial hoop, the calm is always present in the storm of the spin. However she also offers performances in silks, dance and an assortment of the aerial art forms. Each performance is custom tailored to the needs of the event, previous clients include Google, Mercedes-Benz and Guinness.

Kathleen’s passion for movement has lead her to investigate deep into the understanding of the working mechanics and science of our bodies. This research has lead her to be invited to give workshops across Europe, teach regular classes in various studios and develop a very popular flexibility training program via Skype.