My second to final gig of the year was at the Marrakesh International Street Arts Festival. Honestly it was chaos, colorful people-filled chaos of smells and sights and sounds. A people who have nothing and yet everything, a people who see joy even after tragedy. A people who welcomed me to their land like a sister.

I made this short work for them in a day. A dance and aerial piece called “Misneach” or finding the strength to continue, or hope, or the feeling of overcoming (I love the Irish language for this, the inherent poetry present within the words).

I worked with a musician who was also on the trip, Simon who willingly ran with all of our mad ideas. I was going to do something more “showy” and “Easy” for the audience, however while lying on the floor in this riad (Riad being the amazing houses you can stay in that all have a courtyard to the sky and beautiful tiling) listening to music and staring at the sky, I put a song on that speaks to my soul. Out of the sky a white feather in its own lil personal tornado came from the sky and landed on my hand.A sign. It was the right sign. Both for me to find this internal strength, and to honor this audience of people who suffered tragedy this year in the form of an earthquake which shook the city to its core.

I wish to go back, I wish to go back with a better plan, more ideas, more rested and more time to experience this wonderland of new.While there I made the decision and I passed a significant costume onto a new generation of artist. Its the time of year and the time of life to start making space for new. Whatever that looks like for me. I am very good at throwing on the glitter and smiling for the people. I feel a new depth will come from my performances and I am looking forward to welcoming that into my soul.

Thank you for being here 🤍 If you wish to help me in any way to continue my work as an artist, I do have a Patreon which I update regularly – Find me here→