Emerging Circus Artist | Theatre Maker | Screen Actor 

Helen is a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for creating innovative, dynamic and high-octane performance. Helen brings to bear various strands of creativity to the making of her work, and to her performance for both stage and screen.

She is greatly influenced and inspired by dynamic, ensemble theatre, and the cross section between dance and circus. Helen is deeply interested in how these disciplines can co-exist, support and transform storytelling within movement based performance.

She has a great love for fusing live multidisciplinary performance with elements of both pre-recorded media and interactive technology.

Originally trained in Drama, Physical Theatre and Dance, Helen is now penetrating the world of street and circus, and is grateful to Arts Council Ireland who has funded her time to upskill in aerial straps, and to Dance Ireland and Dublin Circus Project who have awarded her an ‘Ignition 2022’ residency to upskill in cyr wheel.