Sean is a 25 year old Irish South African. 5 years ago, Sean came across aerial silks while climbing and her life from then on was decided. After a year learning the fundamentals, she ran away to Barcelona to train full time at the Rogelio Circus School. This year gave her a baseline and showed her what goes into becoming a well-rounded circus artist. Here she discovered her love for rope and dynamics- using momentum to fly through the air  became her favourite way to move. This intense time showed her that she hadn’t even scratched the surface  and once back in Ireland she did everything she could to continue learning. This took her to Montreal, London, and all over Europe to train with the pros. Happily, the community in Ireland  grew as she did and opportunities to train straps, learn creative methods and share what she had learned  started to bubble up. After years of technical training, Sean  is now focusing on movement quality and what stories she wants to tell through her movement. She has a deep love for contemporary circus and creating raw minimal emotion in bizarre places and ways.