Since joining Cork’s Circus Factory in 2013, my passion for circus and performance arts has only grown.

I delight in communicating the neurodivergent experience through myriad mediums. I am a natural Seanchaí (storyteller) and use dance, prop manipulation, fire, voice, songwriting, sexuality and clowning to communicate the complexity of my inner world and empathy for all creatures. My works exemplify autistic attention to detail, traversing the borders of liminal perception to create a unique and impactful aesthetic experience.

It all began with a hula hoop but now I often create art activism ranging from the wily and hilarious to thought provoking and insightful. I have worked with themes such as environmental, sex work, repeal the 8th, societal inequality and queer activism.

In 2022 I created Slí Danu with Eimear Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh and Kateo Shea. Our performances are filled with a grá mór for the untold tales of Ireland.

Recently, I have been thoroughly enjoying hosting events at Circus Factory by creating unique and hilarious characters to hold silly space for audiences.

Some notable performances include:

-Main stage at Sensoria 2024 with my new solo show ‘Squish, Stomp, Spin – The Magic of Stim’

-‘The Swan Maidens’ with Slí Danu –  a bespoke fire show based on a local folktale commissioned by Clare Youth Services

-Cork Midsummer Festival 2023 with Seiko Hayase’s ‘Creepy Parade’

-Clonakilty Culture Night 2022 – a bespoke commission of A ‘Madhatter’s Teaparty’ with Brian O’Mahony

-Cork Culture Night 2021 – “Love Letter to the Lee’ with Slí Danu, a fire show retelling the legend of Cork’s creation

-Tribal Republic 2018

-WOW Women of the World festival Derry 2016