‘I’ve devoted half of my life to the art of theatre. I’ve embraced all indoor and outdoor formats, engaging in projects for all abilities, ages and ethnicities. The spirit of celebration and a democratic view of the craft, has been at the forefront of all my endeavours.’

‘My craft is in constant research of a creativity that follows the movement of life and sets a dialogue between the Artist and its Audience, therefore creating a collective, festive and inclusive space for all spheres of the society.’

‘The universal language of physical theatre is the instrument of all my stories; the comical, the poetical and the acrobatic meet the social and the irreverent. My main inspiration remains in the skilled multidisciplinary craft of clowns, minstrels and troubadours. A rooted ancient voice that becomes contemporary, reaching for new aesthetics that talk to the evolving audience.’

‘Music is an intrinsic part of all my work. Influenced by all types, I’m drawn to music as a creative and improvisatory device, and for its true and simple capacity for communication.’

‘I believe in a Living Art that in constant creative evolution that can provoke and agitate the environment we live in.’

Miquel is freelance theatre performer, director, musician and practitioner originally from Mallorca. Minstrel, troubadour and professional jester.

Trained at École Internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris. He has worked extensively in theatre over the past 20 years. Specialised on physical and street theatre, masks and theatre for children & adults with Intellectual Disabilities.

Since 2000 he has been based in Ireland and has worked with companies The Gombeens, BranarMacnas, Curious State & arts organisation for adults with ID That’s Life. He’s a co-founder of  international ensemble Teatro Punto and a collaborator with Manifesto Poético since its foundation. He has toured extensively in Spain, France, UK, Holland and USA.

He’s currently touring with his funky family band The Barceló Brothers and his new show ‘Ballad of a bandit’ co-produced with Branar.