As an ex-competitive gymnast, I felt quite lost after retiring, there was a void I couldn’t quite fill – until I found circus.

I tried aerial hoop, and fell in love with it. I’ve been training hoop for the last five years and teaching the last two. I have found my true form of flow on the aerial hoop, and it has nurtured the artistic seed within me.

Aerial hoop was my gateway to the circus world, and it is most certainly my first love. Hoop led me to my true love – the flying trapeze.

I tried flying for the first time in July 2020 (when the first rig was erected in Ireland) –  and when I did, I was hooked – it was like life made sense and I had found my purpose – absolutely made for this buzz.

I am now pursing a professional career in flying trapeze. This has been a complete lifestyle change and a full time commitment of the mind, body and soul.