My name is Kate Dunne. I am an aerial dance performer and teacher, a designer and artist based in Dublin. In 2021 I made my first solo show Sl(t)áinte. Sl(t)áinte is a contemporary circus investigation of feminism, bio-politics and identity. The title is a play on the Irish phrase “is fearr an tsláinte ná na táinte” (your health is your wealth). This is the skeleton of a solo show that will be developed in 2022. The piece aims to construct an immersive and interactive aerial installation piece merging performance, theatre and fine art. It was performed at Taking Flight Dublin, September 2021 and was filmed after the performance. I am also a member of contemporary circus company Aduantas and am co-creative director on our most recent production ‘To the Waters and the Wild’.

I have a BA in metals and jewellery from the National College of Art and Design and I’ve worked professionally in circus since 2017 as a teacher and performer for Aerial Cirque, Taking Flight, Petit Volant and most recently in social circus projects including The Palestinian Circus School. I’ve collaborated with visual artists, musicians and performed at festivals and venues for many years. I am in my second year of a part-time MA at NUI Galway in Gender studies, Globalisation and Human rights which I hope to approach from a social circus standpoint. I also offer online coaching.