I am a full time aerial artist based between Ireland and Portugal. My aerial practice is informed by my education at the National College of Art and Design; the combination of expressive movement with elements of visual art are what inspire and motivate my training.

With a background in metal sculpture and jewellery making, I have always been fascinated by the embodied visual language of the body, and how it transforms upon interaction with objects.

My circus practice combines many artforms and tools; writing, video, photography, drawing, installation art, dance, theatre.

My main apparatuses are verticals (fabric and rope). I am drawn to these materials based on their sculptural qualities and approach them as a craftsperson, always responding to the qualities of the material. I am a kinesthetic learner and image maker. I believe in structured improvisation and play to generate material, movement and choreography.

My most recent work is a piece called Sl(t)áinte, an aerial installation piece that did a sold out run at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2023. The piece immerses the audience into a ‘body horror’ telling of a culmination of personal experiences of Irish healthcare and broader systemic issues.

I have also been working with Aduantas Aerial since 2019 as a co-creative director and performer.

I am currently working across Ireland, the UK, Asia, the Middle East and greater Europe teaching workshops in original choreography and artistic methodology. A project devised by myself and Emmen Donnelly, ‘Vertical Play’ is an opportunity for aerialists to engage with exciting and challenging physical choreography under the guidance of practising performers and coaches in a supportive communal training space on rope and silks. I also work as an artistic and creative aerial mentor.

I continue to work on social circus projects in line with my MA research in Gender, Globalisation and Human Rights at the National University of Ireland, Galway with Palestine as my main area of focus.

I am a member of Apartheid Free Circus, and am committed to an apartheid free practice. I stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine and their right to self determination.