Jessica Doolin is a vibrant and dynamic hula hoop artist. Originally from Ireland, Jessica has travelled the globe undergoing specialised training in several prestigious acrobatic institutions. Jessica specialises in Hula hoop and aerial hoop.

Her journey begun at Londons Aircraft Circus School where she developed her passion for performing. Eager to learn from the best she travelled to China for a year long intensive training program at the Beijing International Acrobatic School. Seeking to further diversify and enhance her skillset Jessica returned to China in 2016. This time she travelled to the legendary town of Wuqiao, famously known as ‘the town where acrobatics were born’. Here she trained for a second year under the supervision of a highly skilled and talented mentor at the Wuqiao International Acrobatic Institution. After graduating Jessica’s career took off following her debut performance at the Beijinger Reader Awards opening ceremony.She became instantly loved, captivating audiences with her unique style and quirky persona. She is currently participating in the Finals of a famous talent TV show called ‘I Am A Big Star’ in China which she frequently flys over for her work.Jessica is currently based in Ireland however she works internationally.