Gracie started circus at the age of 16 where she left her home in Ireland to join the National circus center of London youth program. After graduating and realizing she wanted to specialize in hula hoops she set in search of the best teachers, Spin circus academy, Melbourne for circus hoops, Beijing international circus school,China for handstand hoops, and Raw art summer school, Ukraine for hoop juggling, she mixes all these techniques together for herown little hula hoop salad. She has worked individual presenting her solo at cabarets and gala shows around the world, and as a ensemble member for Contemporary circus companies such as Circus Jukebox(Ireland), Lucent Dossier experience(USA), Sioltacircus (Ireland) and 250 years of circus in 60 minutes (UK). She is one half of duo Gracie&Cristian fusing hula hoops with acrobatics