Claire is Creative Consultant specializing in photography, digital media, graphic design and communications.

A passionate advocate for circus arts, spectacle and street performance, Claire has five years experience in aerial training including – aerial hoop, aerial silks, trapeze, cocoon, rope and dance trapeze. As well as being an aerial enthusiast, Claire has explored tightwire walking, acrobatics and hula hoop.

With a lifelong interest in performance arts, theatre and drama, Claire hopes to explore this passion further, by creating a collective of street performers to embody a living statue to living being style street performance, basing its artistic heart in the subtlety of human connection and bringing street performance back to the basics, making it accessible for everyone.

Claire wants to take her circus skills to the next level, study character development, body movement and awareness in depth and create characters and personas to embody the street with their unique presence, telling their stories and creating subtle magic through contrast with the everyday ‘normal’ world passing by around us.



Claddagh woman photos: Paddy Finn

Aerial photos: Eibh Collins