Ciara-Louise Grey was first introduced to the circus arts as a three-year-old, who stood up on her seat at the Circus, pointed at the acrobatic performers and repeatedly shouted ‘ ‘dangerous’.

Ironic how things turn out…

​Ciara is now a mental health professional turned circus artist and educator, dabbling in pretty much any bruise worthy, adrenaline seeking circus activity she can find, from aerial rope, straps, hoop to flying trapeze.

​Ciara remains passionate about mental health awareness and her work is highly influenced by her years of experience working within the mental health services.  Armed with an exceptional ability to daydream, the inability to sit still and a pain threshold almost as high as the mileage on her car, Ciara is currently working towards raising awareness for mental health in the circus industry while dangling from the roof of Circus Gerbola’s big top!