Carly is a trainee aerialist based in Dublin, Ireland.

She was introduced to the sport in 2017, though she has had a lifelong fascination with circus and aerial performance. ​

For the last four years she has focused on building and expanding her performance experience & aerial knowledge.

In 2020 she studied at Trinity College, taking part in their Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship course, focusing primarily on how she could better support aerialists through the development of technology to assist them in tracking their progress and programs.

Hoop is her main focus, but she has practiced other apparatus such as straps and vertical dance.

She loves teaching and supporting others, and loves sharing her love of aerial with anyone who will listen.​ She has completed the Beginners Hoop Aerial Teacher Training Course run by the Paper Doll Militia as well as the Sport Ireland Safeguarding level 1- Child Welfare and Protection Basic Awareness Workshop.

She trains in a number of aerial studios in Dublin.


You can follow her on Instagram at @_carlyjustin