Bumble Movement Arts is ‘Contemporary Circus inspired by Bees’. Honey bees communicate using a dance language and so do we. Our work focuses on utilising the sensory power and semiotics of circus theatre to create enjoyable and touching performances around environmental responsibility.

Poppy Emer Greenford is a Circus Artist and Director, with a BA in ‘contemporary circus and physical theatre’ (2019) and an MA in ‘directing circus’ (2021) While she is currently focused on growing this organisation and creating her own work, devising and creation are her specialities and she is available as a freelance director or outside eye.

Theory and practice-based research are at the heart and centre of her work. Research topics include;

‘How does a Bee juggle through Space?’ – a study into Laban’s Space harmony applied to juggling choreography and the honey bee’s waggle dance.

‘How can we read somatics and feel semiotics in circus?’ – directorial research around how our inner feelings affect the audience experience with a focus on the integration of technique and meaning.

Recent and Current work includes;

Bee-ology, an outdoor show for young people and their hives (GDIF, Just So, The lowry 2021)and supported by Arts Council England.

What Tree Said, an ensemble show set around a real tree exploring themes of play, growth and non-binary notions of humans and nature through gender analogies.

‘At the edge of the world’, a new solo show for theatre audiences, currently in development and supported by Arts Council Ireland.

Poppy is also a professional fairy and bubbleologist with walkabout and stage acts available for your event. See Website for more info.