I am an aerial performer, coach of beginner to intermediate silk students, and a costume designer for circus and pole artists.

The work I am developing at the moment is called ‘Empowerment Soup’- a feminist piece, a pushback to patriarchal conditioning that grooms us to hate ourselves from day one.  In this piece, I am mixing comedy, spoken word and aerial.

I am also part of a trio Magic, Like- a humorous, gender flipping take on popular movie Magic Mike- featuring aerial rope, chair dance, acrobatics and audience participation. This was developed through the Factory Bites Residency in 2023.

I was awarded funding through the Agility Award in 2021. My other residencies include Create, Unlock, Explore in 2022 and Level Up Residency at the Irish Aerial Creation Centre in October 2021.

I like to play with visual and tactile elements that is the dramatic swathe of fabric, dying my own fabrics for maximum effect. I also design costumes for pole and circus. I have a degree in Fashion Design from the Limerick School of Art and Design. I feel this makes my love for aerial fabric quite logical. I bring that love for fashion and spectacle into my performances and really enjoy the relationship between performance and costume.

I began coaching in 2019 and completed the Paper Doll Militia Level 1 Silks Teacher Training in 2020. It is important to me to offer a structured teaching programme.  My focus is on clean technique, building strength and pacing students safely- all while having a fun, supportive atmosphere in my classes. I like to add the creative prompts in a way that is fun and accessible- particularly for the beginner students. I organise regular showcases and offer creative guidance to give people the opportunity to display their skills.