Ali Clarke is an Irish choreographer and contemporary dancer with a degree in Dance Arts from Fontys Fine Arts University ( Hogeschool voor de Kunsten) in Tilburg (NL). Her studies included a Minor in interactive performance studies and further focus on interdisciplinary and site-specific choreography with a particular interest in the cross-over between dance and contemporary circus.

As a creator Ali’s work has been influenced by a desire to create a more interactive and experiential format for performance. Ali’s work is supported by the Irish Arts Council, Chassé Theater NL and Wicklow County Council. Her work is characterised by her strong trans-disciplinary approach and her passion for exploring the interface between public and performer. Her work has been awarded widely including the Arts & Disibility Research Award (‘22), Creation Artists trajectory with Carlow Arts Festival and Dublin Dance Festival (’21/22), the fAUNA Residency Award (’21), the Dance Ireland HATCH Award (’21) and LaunchPad Award (’20), an Arts Council Ireland Dance Bursary (’21) and Professional Development Award (’20), the Chassé Theater Culture Funds Award (’19), the Cafe Theater Festival Award for Young Audiences (’18) and more.

In 2016 she initiated the company KNOT Kollektiv and has been building her repertoire as a choreographer since. KNOT Kollektiv is a nomadic, interdisciplinary company existing on the crossroads between dance and circus with a strong focus on the creation of interactive performances which bring the audience together as a community. KNOT Kollektiv is internationally recognised with support from Chassé Theater and Podium Bloos in the Netherlands, Tanzwuchs Freiburg in Germany and the Courthouse Arts Centre in Ireland.

Besides her own choreographic work Ali also works as a freelance choreographer and performer with the Brussels based dance company Untamed Productions with whom she has toured in Europe and South America. Ali currently teaches Concept Development, Production of Dance and Contemporary Dance Technique modules in the professional dance diploma course Performact in Portugal. There she also acts as a coach and mentor for choreographic projects. She has acted as an expert speaker on Friday Night Live (’21), at STRP Festival (’20), and the Jacques de Leeuw Ceremony (’19).