SPEAK OUT (2023-2024) aims at preventing all kinds of discrimination and gender-based violence in the circus and street arts sector, by supporting its core organisations (schools, festivals, companies…). The objective is to foster physically, psychologically and emotionally safe educational and work spaces.


SPEAK OUT will raise awareness among circus stakeholders about abusive conducts, and will collect, develop and disseminate tools & resources to help the sector evolve in a sustainable and structural way, towards more equity and integrity.


4 trainings will take place during the project. They are designed for directors of professional circus organisations with the aim of implementing structural changes regarding discrimination and gender-based violence.

Participation will be on a voluntary basis of pairs of directors (general managers) and gender/harassment referents. It is recommended to take part in all 4 trainings.

These international 3-day trainings, specially designed for the circus/street arts sector and its specificities, will be given mainly in English.

They are not only free of charge for the participants, but in addition, an envelope of approximately 700€/participant will be granted to cover all costs (travel, accommodation, meals). Moreover, the trainings will be held in partnership with major festivals and events so that participants can see quality performances during their evenings.

➡️ Training 1 : “Gender Equality” – 23-25 January 2023 – BIAC (Marseille, FRA)

➡️ Training 2 : “Recruitment & Auditions” -18- 20 September 2023 – circusnext (Paris, FRA)

➡️ Training 3 : “Body & Nudity in Arts” – 22-24 April 2024 – Verein Contemporary Circus in Österreich, Salzburg (Salzburg, AUT)

➡️ Training 4: “Internal & External Communication” – Early September 2024 – FiraTàrrega (Tàrrega, ESP)            

Participation rules:

  • 14 seats open for FEDEC members (a call will be launched the week of December 12, 2022, for the Training 1. Deadline January 4, 2023)
  • 6 seats open for project partners & associated partners (a call will be launched the week of December 12, 2022, for the Training 1. Deadline January 4, 2023)
  • 1 director per organisation participating (+ 1 staff member, for example a gender referent)
  • Training 1: free of charge + a supporting grant of around €700/participant for travel, accommodation and meals.
  • Selection: if FEDEC receives more applications than places available, the first applicants will be selected.


4 FEDEC members will get a grant to host a workshop in their organisation for their staff members and students with a local association and on a topic of their choice. The aim is to support our members who do not get this financial possibility at their level.

The idea is to train and raise awareness about equity and integrity, to provide tools and resources, to speak out and take action (support to victims & bystanders, setting up limits, concrete scenarios…).

Grants to organise a workshop: maximum 2700€ (the budget will be calculated according to the proposals).

Calls for participation will be launched in 2023: keep your eyes open!


2 meetings for peer-to-peer exchanges will be organised during international events to share good practices coming from the sector realities:

  • April 2023: FEDEC Annual Conference, CADC Balthazar, Montpellier (FRA)
  • October 2023: FEDEC Encounters in Circa, Auch (FRA)


5 conferences to learn about the news of the project:

  • 25 January 2023, 13:30 – 15:30 – Round-table ‘Considering integrity & equity in circus education’ – BIAC, Marseille (FRA)
  • September 2023 – CircusNext, Paris (FRA)
  • April 2024 – Verein Contemporary Circus in Österreich, Salzburg (AUT)
  • September 2024 – Fira Tarrega, Tarrega (ESP)
  • October 2024 – Circa Festival, Auch (FRA)


To keep an active building of SPEAK OUT, a Steering committee (SC) consisting of partners, associated partners and external guests will gather 5 times during the project.

The list of SC members will be communicated later.

If you want to contact the Steering Committee or give any input on the project, please write to speakout@fedec.eu.


An online toolbox available in FR/EN to prevent discrimination and gender-based violence will be designed all along the project. It will be available for any organisation or individual wishing to know more about the topic and improve their practices.

This online toolbox is created to become sustainable and to be completed beyond the project.


SPEAK OUT communication campaign will be disseminated to raise awareness, prevent discrimination, and give visibility to the project.

We invite you to share our posts on your social media. A communication guide will be sent at early stage to FEDEC members and project (associate) partners in order to reach a wider audience. It’s time to SPEAK OUT!


  • FEDEC (BEL) is the International network for professional circus education. FEDEC is leading the SPEAK OUT project, it means each of its members can participate.
  • JUMP (FRA) is a European social company, expert in gender equality, whose aim is to create an ever more inclusive society.



Rosa Matthis, independent researcher in the field, will be in charge of the evaluation of the impact of the project for the sector, as well as collecting tools and good practices, while drafting recommendations for structural and long-term changes.

Want to know more about the project or get involved in it? Write to Sarah Weber, the project coordinator at speakout@fedec.eu.

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