The ARINS project has published ‘The future of cross-border cooperation in the Arts’ in association with The Audience Agency.

ARINS—Analysing and Researching Ireland, North and South is a joint project led by the Royal Irish Academy and the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies at Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs. It is a multi-year initiative that brings together experts from various disciplines to provide evidence-based research and analysis on the most significant questions of policy and public debate relating to options for the future of Ireland, north and south in a post-Brexit context.

The report investigated the interconnections between the arts sector in Ireland, north and south. Mapping cross-border cooperation in public and industry bodies offers an assessment of the existing landscape in terms of policy and practice and makes recommendations for future policy design.

The research team for the project was led by Dr Steven Hadley, academic and consultant, and includes Sophia Woodley, Head of Innovation and Policy Research, Jonathan Goodacre, Senior Consultant International, Richard Turpin, Chief Research Officer, Oliver Mantell, Director of Policy Research, Anne Torreggiani, CEO and Penny Mills, Chief Consulting Officer with support from Professor Justin O’Connor and Matti Allam.

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