Cork City Arts Office is delighted to make available this practical resource for Street Arts Practitioners, Producers, Collaborators and Commissioners who wish to produce Street Arts in Cork City. It is the outcome of a learning journey that began as a capacity building project supported by the Creative Ireland programme.

Street Smart is the direct result of  ‘Streets Ahead’  – a streets arts professional development programme which has been developed by Cork City Council in partnership with the Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Network and supported by Creative Ireland.

‘Streets Ahead’  took place across April, May and June of 2021, and aimed to connect its participants through the exchange of experiences, exploring of ideas and swapping of knowledge & skills via a series of online workshops with leading practitioners and experts in the art forms.

Street Smart does not claim to be a definitive guide on Street Arts but it does direct the reader to sources for expert advice for Cork City-based activities. It also provides essential information on the practical steps and logistical considerations involved in producing Street Arts projects.