The Arts Council has contracted Behaviours & Attitudes to undertake an annual analysis of how the public engage with the arts in Ireland.

The research which commenced in 2018 looks at attendance, participation, behaviours and attitudes from the perspective of the public. Who attends and who does not attend arts events? What are the drivers and barriers to taking part? What do people value about their participation?

The answers to these and other questions will help us to:

  • be well informed and evidence-based in driving Arts Council policy development on public engagement;
  • shape and inform performance indicators on participation, attendance and attitudes;
  • provide insight and analysis that supports the arts sector to grow and diversify audiences;
  • tell the story of public investment in the arts.


Over time this research will build up a picture to inform our breadth and depth of knowledge about the arts in Ireland and ensure that we are effective as the national development agency for the arts.

Survey presentation

The Arts Council presented the results of the 2023 survey at a webinar session on Thursday, 7 December 2023. You can watch a video of the session and download a copy of the Arts Insight reports below.