The ISACS Network’s mission is to celebrate, advocate, grow and support Ireland’s Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle sectors. Therefore, the ISACS Network will not stand idly by.

We call for support, recognition, for trust in the value, power, need and the necessity for investment in the arts; as art by extension invests in communities, individuals, in all generations and in our wider civic and economic society as we approach Budget 2023.

We call on the Government to:

  • Increase Arts Council funding to €150 million in 2023.
  • Increase the Arts Council investment in Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Art forms to bring the allocation to a minimum of € 6 million.
  • Continue to invest in research and policy development for the development of circus and street arts infrastructure, creation space & educational opportunities.
  • Support the development of a Group Insurance Scheme to leverage accessible, appropriate and sustainable insurance products for the wider arts and entertainment sector to avail of.
  • In light of the recent addition of travelling circus and fairgrounds to Irelands living cultural heritage inventory, we ask that the state to: Protect the past and Invest in the future.
  • Increase Culture Ireland funding by€6.5million.
  • Increase access to the arts for all members of society.
  • Continue and grow investment and supports in Youth and Social Circus.
  • Create infrastructure for the arts and for artists to live and work in.
  • Enhance and extend the support through Failte Ireland and the Arts Council of Ireland towards the development of festivals, artistic programming and artistic platforms for street and circus artists.

As part of this call to action, ISACS is urging everyone to reach out to their local TDs to ask them to read our pre-budget submission which may be helpful when they are contributing to discussions and decisions around our sector.

To find out who your local TD is, click here to go to→

ISACS Pre-Budget Submission 2023