The ISACS Network calls on the Government to support and secure the future of the Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle sector which has been decimated by the current Global health crisis. This sector was the first to be impacted with the immediate cancellation and closure of festivals, events and venues and the last to return to full capacity.

The street, circus and spectacle art forms not only represent our identity as a nation, but they bring together communities in a spirit of celebration and unrivalled joy. The sense of loss that we feel without these moments of collective energy and wonder, is real and is tangible. Lets not just protect them, lets support and empower them.

As part of this action, ISACS is urging everyone to reach out to their local TDs to ask them to read our pre-budget submission as a way of contributing to discussions and decisions around the future development of arts in public space and the advancement of the street, circus and spectacle art forms for the benefit of our community and society.

To find out who your local TD is Click here to go to Who is My TD: