The Building Culture Toolkit is published by Dublin City Council (Arts Office and Planning), working with Turley and Arrow Architects, as a complementary resource to Chapter 12 Culture of Dublin City Development Plan.

Dublin City Development Plan 2022-2028

Policies within the development plan require the delivery of 5% cultural and/or community uses within the footprint of a development if it:

• meets the thresholds of CUO25 (over 10,000 sq m).

• is located within a Strategic Development Regeneration Areas (SDRA) in addition to a number of Special Development Zones (SDZs) where cultural or community provision development is required.

The Toolkit provides some of the building blocks to help guide the process of delivering cultural infrastructure, by helping developers:

• identify and respond to a real need,

• design for a clearly defined cultural use, and

• select a delivery model that is sustainable for both developer and operator.

This video and Culture Infrastructure Toolkit PDF file below summarise the content of the Toolkit.

The Cultural Infrastructure Toolkit has five core documents, 2 guidance notes and 3 Toolkit resources:

  • Guidance Note 1: Cultural Infrastructure Development Process and Decision Tree
  • Guidance Note 2: Cultural Infrastructure Assessments (inc. Cultural Audits)
  • Toolkit Resource 1: Co-design Approaches (inc. Exemplars)
  • Toolkit Resource 2: Artform Typologies and Specifications (inc. Exemplars)
  • Toolkit Resource 3: Governance and Deliverability (inc. Exemplars)

Download the Dublin City Council Cultural Infrastructure Toolkit