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ISACS Member - Galway Community Circus
ISACS Member - Galway Community Circus

For existing member and profile management - Please refer to our registration guide if you are a new member and want to activate your profile for the first time.


Managing / Editing Your Profile.

If you have not logged in then please login. There are a number of login options on the site.


You will see a number of options here if have forgotten your username or password (use this option if you wish to reset yor password). You must use the same email address that you used to set up your account. If you are having trouble acessing any of these please contact marketing@isacs.ie for further assistance.

registration 12

When logged in you will be brought to the Members Directory page and you will see a new 'Members Menu' on your right side. This is where you can access your online profile, your orders and billing etc.

Select Manage / Edit Members Profile

reg1 6

You will see a number of options here that can inform you of how viewers are interacting with your online profile including options to edit, view and delete your profile.

  • Please take the time to go through the options available to populate your profile.
  • Please keep your profile updated with current information including profile images, cover images, gallery images, text, videos (youtube) and social media profiles where relevant.
  • As you edit your profile remember to check the 'View' and the 'Member Directory' to see how and where all your information is being presented on your membership listing.

registration 15

Explanations of Headings.


You are only allowed one profile per membership: If you have another artist or company you would like to feature on the website you must register a new account for that organisation.

Business Listings: This details your membership profile.

Business messages: These are private email messages that a public visitor to the ISACS website can send to your account via an email form on your listing. Send yourself a message to try it out! You will recieve an email that will notify you when a business message is sent. Please notify us if you have any problems with this service at marketing@isacs.ie

Events: Select this option to add your own event.

  • When filling out event details - make sure to make the event 'active'
  • ISACS administration will receive a notification and is required to 'approve' an event before it is live.
  • The event will appear in your individual Member listing and on the Member Events page (Events>Member Events)

Orders: This details your membership type that you are signed up to.

Billing Details: This is your billing contact information which you can change at any time.

Name: Your membership profile name

Profile: The type of membership you have selected.

Profile status: Your payment status. Your profile will only be active when it is paid. An unpaid profile will remain on the site but will enter an unactive state and will not be viewable to the public.

Website Click: You can see how many users click through to your website from your members profile listing.

View Number: You can see how many views your individual views your members profile is receiving.

# of Contacts: You can see how many have contacted you through your members profile.

State: An ISACS administrator needs to approve any new membership profile by selecting it to be 'active'. Until then it wil remain as 'pending'. However, once payment has been received and the new membership profile has been sucessfully set up, the new profile should be visible online regardless if the state is 'pending'.


If you are having any trouble with setting up and / or managing a membership profile please contact marketing@isacs.ie for technical assistance.


Irish Street Arts Circus and Spectacle Network

Irish Theatre Institute, 17 Eustace St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
00 353 (0)87 0541812 info@isacs.ie
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