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Ciara Moloughney

Delve: Irish Aerial Dance Festival

Participant: Ciara Moloughney

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You know those times where you can't believe your luck and how blessed you are to be where you are? Or those moments when you have to pinch yourself to make sure this is your actual reality?...Well I would have been in that situation all this past week... if I didn't already have aerial harness equipment pinching and squeezing the lights out of me for the large majority of my days!

Those glorious painful harnesses that carried me into the air to dance like people only dream of doing (let's not forget Kat the phenomenal counterweight).

I am ridiculously grateful to have been part of the immensely fantastic DELVE programme 2019 by ISACS in partnership with Fidget Feet for their phenomenal IADF festival (June 22nd - July 7th). Through this programme I was supported to attend IADF this week to train in classes I wouldn't normally have access to (harness aerial skills) by highly talented teachers. I got to meet wonderful people and see astounding shows.

A huge congratulations to Chantal and the Fidget Feet team or should I say ‘Fidget Feat’ for putting on this courageous venture with aerialist turning up in droves from all over Ireland and the world to meet, learn and create together.

There was access to a very impressive wide range of classes. Anything from Cloud Swing to Cyr Wheel or Multicord to Spiral. I personally feel in love with the harness skills and took classes in Counterweight, Aerial Dance Harness and Vertical Dance. I have wanted to do Vertical Dance for a long time but classes in it are not that easily accessible depending on where you live. So not only did I achieve my goal, I also discovered two other harness dance styles I didn't even know you could do classes in.

Special treats on top of that was getting to meet and know the gorgeous Fidget Feet team and also sit down with the legendary Lucy Medlycott to receive some nuggets of wisdom and appreciated mentoring over a cup of coffee, which I came away from feeling inspired, motivated and confident in my path into the future and about what support is out there for me to access.

I can not recommend DELVE enough!

If you are an ISACS member, it would be stupid not to apply to at least one of the many fantastic opportunities they present.

I feel like I won the lottery and am extremely lucky, but actually, it's very accessible. All you have to do is apply and see what happens.

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