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ISACS Member - Aisling ní Cheallaigh and Ronan Brady
ISACS Members  - Aisling ní Cheallaigh and Ronan Brady performing How to square a circle | Photographer: SteMurray 
Date: 9th & 11th November 2018
Where: Various locations, Tralee City
Tickets: Free entrance - for DELVE participants


NCFI2018 logo webheader

The last DELVE programme of the year takes place at Ireland's first dedicated circus festival the National Circus Festival of Ireland which attracts circus enthusiasts and artists from all over the country for four days in November! 
ISACS is delighted to have partnered with the festival and Arts Council Irelandto give two lucky DELVE participants Danielle Reck and Nicola Moran the chance to Discover, Explore, Learn, Visualise and Engage at the festival's weekend events (9th-11th), get inspired and network their legs off! They will be sharing their experience and learnings with the sector. Keep an eye on the hashtag #Delve18 and our Delve reports page.

[Scroll Down for #DELVE18 NCFI programme details]

DELVE18 National Circus Festival Programme

The DELVE programme is worth over €400.00 and highlights include:

  • Weekend Ticket to the National Circus Festival Ireland. Includes access to all shows, seminars and training programmes
  • 2 nights accommodation Friday 11th, Saturday 12th November.
  • Subsidised Travel  - up to €50.00
  • Invitation to a 'networking dinner'.

You can discover more about the selected ISACS member participants and DELVE programme in this article.


Workshop Schedule NCFI

Friday 9th

5:30 pm

Meeting & greeting with ISACS Network team

8:30-9:30 pm


PSS PSS by Compagnia Baccalà 

Compagnia Baccalà was born from the union of Simone Fassari (him) and Camilla Pessi (her). They ran away from the circus they were in created Pss Pss and the rest is history. Poetic, surreal, ironic, acrobatic and infinitely enjoyable, in Pss Pss two modern-day clowns take to the stage, playing out their unique and hilarious pas de deux through the universal language of gesture and look. Without a single actual word being spoken, these two characters sweep us up in a timeless and award-winning performance with all the seriousness, innocence, and unkindness of being. Equally convincing in their dreamy silences as in their comic slapstick, Pss Pss has been performed over 600 times in over 50 countries and on all 5 continents to huge acclaim, winning 13 international prizes along the way. An hour of happiness not to be missed.

9:30 pm



10-10:30 pm


National Circus Festival Ireland 2018 – Performers Inferno Fireshow

Red in Green Fireshow (Featuring INFERNO)

INFERNO create performances that combine highly accomplished circus skills, theatre and fire manipulation. They focus on choreographic work that integrates characterisation into each unfolding performance. Inferno’s customised productions are also created by utilising a mixture of custom-made fire equipment and small pyrotechnics. This crossover of style and substance is what create their inspiring performances, and ensures that they connect with their audiences on many levels.

In order to create such a challenging spectacle, three of Ireland’s foremost fire performers came together: Ronan McLoughlin, Riuchi and Will Flanagan.

Enter the visionary realm of INFERNO.

NCFI 2017 Facebook icon @infernofireshow

NCFI 2017 Vimeo icon Inferno on Vimeo

NCFI 2017 Web icon infernofireshow.com

View Inferno ISACS profile




Saturday 10th 

10:30 am

Open Circus Forum 

Saturday 10th November | 10.30 am – 12 pm 
Kerry Museum, Tralee

Join the Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network for its annual Circus Open Forum in Tralee at the National Circus Festival of Ireland. 

The theme this year is ‘Dreams and how to make them’ and we will be joined by special guests: the NCFI 5x5 artists who will be pitching their new acts to attendees before presenting them on stage at the National Circus Festival of Ireland in the evening.

More information | RSVP for the event


2:15 pm

Youth Circus Focus

Saturday 10th November | 12.15 pm – 14 pm 
Kerry Museum, Tralee

Do you work in youth circus in Ireland?
Would you like to set up a Youth Circus in your town?

Join us at the second edition of our 'Irish Youth Circus Focus' – an annual meet-up of youth circus leaders - where you will have the opportunity to meet and share with others interested in developing this exciting art form and bringing it to more young people across the country.

The event is hosted by Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network in association with Galway Community CircusNational Circus Festival of Ireland and Arts Council Ireland.

More information | RSVP for the event


2:00 pm

StrongWomenScience web

StrongWomenScience - Irish Premiere

Saturday 10th November | 2:30 pm - 3:30pm
Kerry Museum, Tralee

Ever wanted to know how you balance a chair on your chin, if you can juggle liquid, or how circus performers eat fire? StrongWomen Aoife and Maria –  an engineer and a chemist turned circus artists – reveal the scientific secrets behind their astounding tricks. In a fun, lively and fast-paced circus performance, you’ll discover how jugglers, acrobats and hula hoop artists use science to create their amazing acts. StrongWomen Science is a performance and workshop suitable for all the family.

Cost: €10 per person. Information & Booking: 066 7127777

NCFI 2017 Instagram icon @strongwomenscience

View  Aoife Raleigh and Maria Corcoran ISACS profiles


3:30 pm

Know your Rights and Responsibilities

Saturday 10th November 2018 | 3:30 pm - 5 pm

Kerry County Museum Tralee

ISACS are delighted to host an information sharing event for their members around knowing their rights and responsibilities around all things Insurance.
We have asked leading experts in the field of risk management, legal services and insurance reform to share with us their knowledge around insurance, claims and mitigating risk.

Joining us will be:

More information

5:30 pm 



Yosuke Ikeda

Japanese artist Yosuke Ikeda presents a totally new style of performance blending together the elements of mime, magic and graphics to bring together an entertaining musical mix. A famous part including a cover of The Beatles classics “Hello, Goodbye” as you have never heard it before. As there is no speech featured in his show, it makes for an enjoyable experience for all ages and nationalities to enjoy. Ikeda has performed his act worldwide in many street festivals, comedy theaters and clubs around the world – blowing the audience’s minds each time. We’re looking forward to seeing him when he joins us in Tralee this November.



Cikada Circus

Acrobatic duo Ali Stanger & Henrik Gard have gone through countless hours of attempts, failures and achievements to create a mutual acrobatic language of finesse and honesty. A fun, thoughtful and humorous display of rich imagery and dynamic riveting movement.

NCFI 2017 Web icon cikadacircus.com

NCFI 2017 Instagram icon @circoma / @ali_stanger


View Ali & Henrik ISACS profile



Pau Segalés (Barcelona, Catalunya)

Introduced to the world of magic when he was only 5 years old, Pau Segalés has since gone on to perform all over Europe including Spain, Italy, France, U.K., Ireland and more as well as performing as a volunteer artist in Lebanon for Palestinian refugee camps with the NGO Clowns Without Borders. In 2010, when he was 17, he won the second national prize in the Street Magic category in Almussafes in Spain. Aside from being a performer, Segalés also works as a promoter and artistic director of 4 festivals including Festival Faràndomus/Hors Lits Mollet, Festival Artistic Internacional L’Arlequí, El Pont Màgic de Bagà and Festival Moguda Escènica.

NCFI 2017 Twitter icon @PauSegales

NCFI 2017 Instagram icon @pausegales


NCFI 2017 Facebook icon @pausegales



Logy (MC)

Logy is the sharp dressed, bearded, multi manipulator and performer with over a decades worth of performing experience. Hailing from Belfast in Northern Ireland, he has performed in numerous countries worldwide as both a successful street and stage performer within comedy and circus. Outside of performing, Logy is also a teacher of circus skills, believing that these skills can be used to help people and help the world to be a better place.

NCFI 2017 Facebook icon @logyonfire

NCFI 2017 Web icon logyonfire.com



A catalan by adoption, but really a mixture of various nationalities who’s formation took place all over Europe. From clown to actor and from the circus to theatre director, Adrian Schvarzstein has experienced it all and with that a very energetic showman! After a spell with a Belgian circus, Schvarzstein began to create his first solo show titled “The Greenman” which caters for chaos, surprise and provocative innocence, these are some of the arms he has used to triumph in theatre and festivals all over the world from Ireland to Cameroon. Schvarzstein is no stranger to the festival having previously performed in Tralee alongside his group Kamchatka in 2016. We’re looking forward to his return to the town and showcasing his show “The Greenman” to the people of Kerry.

NCFI 2017 Youtube icon Greenman on YouTube

NCFI 2017 Web icon adrianschvarzstein.com

NCFI 2017 Web icon adrianschvarzstein.weebly.com




Sagi Bracha

Born in 1999 in Israel was the beginnings for Sagi Bracha’s passion for stage, magic tricks, music, juggling and the circus. While his expertise lie in many places, his expertise lies primarily as a juggling artist when his interest began in 2013. Bracha showcases a number of talents within the juggling realm from modern to classic skills as well as carefully curated content for festivals and events. Bracha has performed worldwide, from events in his native country of Israel to the Netherlands, Switzerland and beyond. We cannot wait to see the immersive juggler take to the stage in Tralee this November.

NCFI 2017 Facebook icon@sagibrachajuggler

NCFI 2017 Instagram icon @sagibracha1

NCFI 2017 Web icon sagibracha.com

National Circus Festival Ireland 2018 – Performer George Orange

George Orange

Performance Artist, Circus Performer, Ex Drag Performer, Co-Creator of Mary Bijou Cabaret, Director and more are just a few strings to the bow of George Orange but his talents lie within his performances as a Clown. 

Orange has been performing for over twenty years and a fan of collaboration in his work. Previously having collaborated with NoFit State Circus, Midnight Circus, Adrian Danzig,Wise Fool, National Theatre Wales and more. Aside from collaborating, Orange has created and performed in numerous shows including Man on the Moon, Mundo Parallo, “88”, Disarming America, Introducing The Moosen Men, Flower Thieves and more!

NCFI 2017 Facebook icon@GeorgeOrangemac2

NCFI 2017 Twitter icon@GeorgeOrange1

NCFI 2017 Web icongeorgeorange.com

National Circus Festival Ireland 2018 – Performers How to Square a Circle

How to Square a Circle

Aisling ni Cheallaigh and Ronan Brady explore the boundaries of the human body and mind. Accompanied by the music and soundscapes of Alma Kelliher, this show aims to both awe and intrigue.

Aisling Ní Cheallaigh is an Irish aerialist homegrown and hand reared by a conglomerate of companies and coaches including Fidget Feet Aerial Dance, Ether Productions and Taking Flight. She delights in flight and movement and while she specialises in aerial hoop she is also an expert dabbler in Rope, Fabric and Doubles Trapeze. Aisling has travelled far and wide performing with various companies and has so far landed in Australia, The US, Canada, Asia and Europe.

Ronan Brady is a physical performer, aerialist and hoop performer who is recognised internationally for his expertise with the Cyr wheel.

NCFI 2017 Facebook icon howtosquareacircle

NCFI 2017 Twitter icon @AnomalyRonan

NCFI 2017 Instagram icon @anomalyronan

NCFI 2017 Web icon becomeyouranomaly.com

View Ronan Brady's ISACS profile 

NCFI 2017 Twitter icon @aislingcheallaigh

NCFI 2017 Instagram icon @aislingcheallaigh

NCFI 2017 Web icon aislingcircusarts.com

View Aisling's ISACS profile 

8 pm 


9:30 pm 

National Circus Festival Ireland 2018 – Performer and workshop teacher Angelique Ross


SPIT | Angelique Ross

Finding homes in caravans and big tops, Angelique Ross has toured internationally, with shows including NoFit State show “Bianco”. Ross will be bringing her solo show “SPIT” to National Circus Festival. A one-woman circus revenge show, “SPIT” is a stripped back showcase into the celebration of the fierce and wild. With relentlessly ferocious circus; tight wire, trapeze and tomatoes, expect to attack hard and spit back!

SPIT. A one-woman Circus Revenge.
Brutality balanced by beauty.
Relentlessly ferocious circus.
Tight wire, trapeze and tomatoes.
Attack hard and spit back.

NCFI 2017 Facebook icon @AngeliqueRossCircus

NCFI 2017 Instagram icon @angelique_ross

NCFI 2017 Web icon angeliqueross.com

View Angelique Ross ISACS profile

10:30 pm 


Sunday 11th 

10 am - 3 pm 


Training with leading experts in handstands, tightrope, flying Pole, Trapeze, Silks, Aerial hoop, Tumbling, Acrobatics, Trampoline, Rope, Double trapeze and drama such as ISACS members Fidget Feet Aerial DanceAngelique RossMichaela HeyerAisling Ni Cheallagh, Ronan Brady and NCFI highly skilled teachers. 

National Circus Festival Ireland 2018 – Performers Fidget Feet

Fidget Feet

We’re delighted to partner up once again with Fidget Feet and the Irish Aerial Creation Centre for our National Circus Festival! Fidget Feet have become a staple of our festival programme with their past workshops including Madam Silk, Wired and Free crane show. 

Fidget Feet will once again be running their aerial workshops at the festival teaching and showcasing their knowledge and spellbinding expertise to all that attend (no beginners in Aerial)!

NCFI 2017 Twitter icon @fidgetfeetdance

NCFI 2017 Instagram icon @fidgetfeetaerialdancetheatre

NCFI 2017 Facebook icon@fidgetfeet

NCFI 2017 Web icon fidgetfeet.com

View Fidget Feet Aerial Dance ISACS profile

National Circus Festival Ireland 2018 – Acrobatics workshop teacher Bart Venne


Bart Venne (Acrobatics Teacher)

With acrobats for parents, Bart has done acrobatics for as long as he can remember. He first performed at the age of 12 alongside his two brothers, winning the coveted first prize of three footballs. He began training under professional acrobatics trainers when he was 16. He has performed in various shows in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and more. His teaching ethos is that everyone should have fun. He finds it equally important to recognize what works in a trick, as well pointing out what could use a little ‘improvement’. Bart has an infectious joy in this practice. You will be exposed to new tricks and transitions you didn’t think possible. Teaching in Ireland for the 1st time, this is a chance to delve deep into your acrobatic potential.




Mathieu Hedan 

A graduate of College of Variety and Circus Arts – Kiev Circus School, Mathieu Hedan is accomplished in the world of Circus. Honing his skills in the area of equilibristics for the past decade, Hedan will be displaying his visual talent of handbalancing, where the story of his act he describes as a “rich, precarious, unpredictable sensation”.

NCFI 2017 Vimeo icon Mathieu Hedan on Vimeo

 Double trapeze Aisling Ronan

Aisling & Ronan 

Ash and Ronan have been training together ever since they met in 2012, mostly just for fun. Performing together with Fidget Feet Aerial Dance in outdoor spectacle work and indoor theatrical children’s shows such as ‘Cinder and the Ella’s they’ve built up a solid duo partnership. Having dabbled in some doubles trapeze research they got the opportunity to represent Irish Circus on the international scene, performing at the closing ceremony for the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku (2017). As a duo, they specialise in trapeze and recently performed their first full act as part of a project with Shane Holohan a the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in Limerick.

This year they are creating their first full show “How to Square a Circle” together with the support of the Arts Council. It will premier at Dríocht in Blanchardstown on May 4th and can also be seen in Athlone and Letterkenny.

NCFI 2017 Twitter icon @AnomalyRonan

NCFI 2017 Instagram icon @anomalyronan

NCFI 2017 Web icon becomeyouranomaly.com

View Ronan Brady's ISACS profile 

NCFI 2017 Twitter icon @aislingcheallaigh

NCFI 2017 Instagram icon @aislingcheallaigh

NCFI 2017 Web icon aislingcircusarts.com

View Aisling's ISACS profile 

FunkyFiflag michaela heyer

Michaela Heyer 

Michaela has been working as a circus performer since 2008. Her main skills are Chinese pole, flying/counterweighted pole, aerial silks and acrobalance. She does street shows as well as corporate acts.

NCFI 2017 Facebook icon@funkyfidelma

View Michaela Heyer

Aisling hoop artist 

Aisling Ni Cheallaigh

Aisling is an Irish Aerialist homegrown and hand-reared by a conglomerate of companies and coaches including Fidget Feet, Ether Productions, Aerial Cirque and Taking Flight.

NCFI 2017 Twitter icon @aislingcheallaigh

NCFI 2017 Instagram icon @aislingcheallaigh

NCFI 2017 Web icon aislingcircusarts.com

View Aisling's ISACS profile

3 pm 


The festival parade starts from Moyderwell Hall and ends at Town Plaza where there will be a fantastic show ‘Síolta’!



A brand new circus collective who have sprouted from the need of a ground-based circus ensemble in Ireland.

Representing the new generation of Irish circus, come and watch their work in progress of their outdoor show featuring highly skilled acrobatics and manipulation by artists who have trained around the world and have come together to plant a new seed in the Irish circus scene.

Featuring: ISACS members: Jacob Anderson (Ire) - Acrobat & juggling, Aoife Raleigh (Ire) - Strong woman & acrobat, Gracie Marshall (Ire) - Hula hoop & acrobat, Henrik Gard (Swe) - Acrobat, and Ali Stanger (UK) - Acrobat & handbalance.
Directed by: Paddy Waters
Produced by: ISACS member Tony Noham
Music by: Edan Ray

NCFI 2017 Instagram icon @sioltacollective

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