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ISACS Member - Fairy and the Fiddler
ISACS Member - Fairy and the Fiddler

Delve 17: Spraoi Waterford Festival

Sharon O’Brien

The Fairy and the Fiddler | The Fairy Hooper

4-6th August 2017

sharon o brien delve17



‘The Nest Performers, The Foolhardy 3, Dancing graffiti, The Silent Brass Brand, Lords of Strut, The Spurting Man, Dead Goat Beat Project, Buffalo Soul, The Big Bang, Variety Spectacular, Scotch and the Parade Finale.’

There were many different styles that I got to discover during my time on the Delve programme. There were various different art forms in the discipline of circus, music and theatre from classic circus of the spurting man to reggae music from buffalo soul to street comedy theatre from many and the beautiful art expression of SevesFeathers.

Blanca and Rua - These guys were very strangely funny. Costumes are absolutely fab, I was highly engaged with their masks. I had no idea what they were going to do next. Very funny interaction with one of the kids during the show.

The Clayhead show - LOVED IT. this was fantastic. Loved the presentation of this. Very funny and engaging with the audience through humour and clay art. Blown away by this one.

SevesFeathers  - I loved this show so much. This was my most inspirational show of the weekend. I loved how she showed the balance of art and mental health. How we can be free when we immerse ourselves into an art form. Music and sound dialogue in the back ground created theme and effect really well. There were elements of mood changes throughout the performance when showing the different types of balloons to giving chocolate to the audience member.

Lords of Strut were superb. Would love a different setting for them as when there’s a crowd they are hard to see but one the sunday they had like a shadow effect which was cool as i could watch them on the wall when I couldn't see through crowd. Very engaging and funny with audience. Excellent performance moves. They change my life with dance !!!

The Varitey show I stubbled upon and was delighted that I did. These guys were so funny. I was gripped from the first moment. So the concept was one guy gets out of straight jacket in the time of the other guy drinking a pint balanced on his head through a straw while juggling knives. FAB. The lead up to this is full of humour with interaction with audience members and really intelligent clowning. Utilizing every space set up, prop or audience reaction. Also tricks were impressive.

The spurting man made me feel like I was back in time. Such a classical show. Music suits the performance very well. Loved the artform of how they interact during the performance. I feel like I am in a different place and time.

All of the music was really diverse in styles and engaging with crowds. Some very unique styles and sounds. Scotch were really cool with some really strange instruments, Buffalo Soul spread some positive reggae vibes in shorts and the big bang had lots of street shows dancing the their entrancing drum sounds.

Exploration of new areas and ideas

I definitely explored new areas and ideas!  Clowning, MC, artist expression / story telling. Different aspects of circus I want to dabble with as an artist. In terms of networking, I really got a lot from ISAN and all the topics we covered here. How to create work, get it out there, rework things that are working well.


I’d like to learn further about: Programmes, international work and platforming more work and I’d love to be at more festivals like this.


SEVESFEATHERS is my top one this weekend.


Lucy from the start, you got me there :) So welcoming and friendly, very informative. The team we had was cool as well as it was a lot of marketing and communications people. The Isan meeting was a great opportunity for me to engage with artists and professionals.

I would definitely recommend other ISACS members to take part in the Delve programme at any stage. You are free to dive into art, find what you want. The ISACS team are so informative, supportive and welcoming. For an artist just starting it’s lovely to see how it all operates, for more developed artists it’s great to be not working at a festival and meet all these awesome people and watch all these amazing shows at your leisure. Shows are repeated a lot so it’s easy to navigate times to suit you. My only recommendation would be to have maybe just more participants. It was fab, share with as many as you can!

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