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ISACS Member - Riuchi
ISACS Member - Riuchi at Cork Midsummer Festival

DELVE17: Cork Midsummer Festival 2017
David Spathaky
16th - 18th June 2017

 ClownPower David Spathaky

Thanks so much for all your hard work getting this Cork #Midsummer17 segment #DELVE17 together and your attention to detail. I really appreciate how much effort you must have put in to make this happen and get all of us almost in the right place at the right time. Obviously, the meal at the Quay Coop was a bit of a magnet and was excellent. Good call!

I felt flattered to be surrounded by all you 'lovely ladies' and I include my daughter and you're all great to make Stephie so welcome once again. Great also you managed to get Kath to come along too. The Director of the festival coming out for a meal on the opening night of the festival! Unheard of! I imagine Kath had everything running smoothly and all angles covered with minions. All the same impressive!

I was also surprised and delighted to see Clive for ACUK. We all have so many intertwined connections.

As far as work goes so far;

I really did enjoy the Future Proof show at the everyman. It was thought-provoking. Like everyone in our group, I had some technical reservations. Perhaps because I was sitting a bit further back in the stalls than most of our group, maybe I got a wider perspective and I was able to overlook them, at times, clunky blocking and the sound issues that other people seemed to find quite intrusive.

Obviously, the subject matter of a 'freakshow' at the end of their days is resonant in all kinds of ways, particularly for me as a stiff 'old timer'. I found the atmosphere of quiet desperation on stage and the way the actors maintained an almost anti-dramatic dynamic added pathos. The cast was all great. I overheard a few comments from the audience afterward about it being too much about the dialogue and lacking in physical skills but for me, that missed the point. Freak shows were more about people being stared at and the fat man character made interesting reference in a speech to different strata of freaks. The 'real' physical oddities, the people who exaggerated some natural 'oddness' or deformity, and the out and out fakers who merely pulled on a costume. Also the idea of the freak show 'giving people what they want' to see. People's nightmares personified.

Interesting issues still in the context of disability and 'otherness' in our societies. Might be interesting to know more about what the cast thought of the content of the show in a QnA session, although I would ask that of anyone after an opening night! Good to see a fairly full house in the gorgeous Everyman Theatre. It really is such a joy that we have that historic treasure of a theatre space still in Cork. I love seeing shows there, it suits variety shows so well. I saw the Chinese circus performers the last time I was there.

I look forward to participating in Blurring The Lines at the Circus Factory as well as seeing new work by old friends particularly the multi-skilled Riuchi / Guillaume.

As ever Cork looks vibrant in the sun and the festival puts an added sparkle about the place. I'm not sure how much outdoor work is happening this year.

Love Dave

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