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ISACS Member - Dueda ISACS Member - Dueda Featuring Stevie Boyd and Giada Negroni | Photo: Giorgio Sottile

Dublin Dance Festival, Dublin, 17th - 28th May,  2016

"As soon as I learnt that ISACS DELVE programme was partnered in with the Dublin Dance festival I knew I wanted to get involved! Through my practice I have been becoming more and more interested in dance and movement, hoping to get involved in some dance for itself. When reading up about the Fast track to Dance event it sounded like the most beneficial and exciting one to take part in and thankfully i was offered a spot! The day itself was crammed full of talks and performances, even our breaks were actually spent getting from venue a to venue b.

We started the day meeting in Dance House, introducing ourselves to each other, getting to meet the organisers of the festival and seeing two works in the making. (One of which is by Oona Doherty and will be part of this year's Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival which I highly recommend). We then proceeded to meet the fabulous Justine Cooper, an artist who I particularly enjoy, and discuss the process in how she created her dance piece that we would see that evening. In total we saw 7 pieces, all completely different to another through use of medium, story, setting and, of course, dance.

The day itself was fantastic although there was a lot more critical analysis of each performance and with the group itself than I had anticipated. For some reason myself and Laura were under the impression that there was going to be some form of mentorship or workshop at one point during the day, as it turned out the amount of walking was exercise enough!

As there was so much talking as a group involved I did find myself getting exhausted before lunch had even reached us, 10 + hours straight of talking and dance can take a lot more out of you than anticipated! And I do feel one or two pieces suffered because of my fatigue, but overall it was just the amount of motivation and inspiration I got for some upcoming projects I will be working on. We were also kept so busy throughout the day that photos were just not possible to take and we barely had any time to get onto social media - We were properly submerged in the world of dance and there was no chance of breaking through even for a minute!"

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