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ISACS Member - Spraoi
ISACS Member - Spraoi

DELVE is a new GO-SEE initiative, launched in 2016, to support ISACS members to get out, see and learn about street, circus and performance arts happening all around Ireland. The programme involves going to various festivals, seeing and observing work from the street, circus and spectacle sectors, meeting the artists, the crew and discovering new ideas, inspiration and delving into these art forms with fresh eyes!

The aim of DELVE is to encourage dialogue and discussion around a variety of arts forms in Ireland, and to offer critical discussion and analysis and dynamic practices. Participants are encouraged to submit feedback from the events which can be read by clicking into each DELVE programme.


ISACS is thrilled to announce its four 2017 partnerships:

Dublin Dance Fest – 18 – 28th May - Programme: DELVE17 - DUBLIN DANCE FESTIVAL  

Cork Midsummer – 16 – 21st June - Programme: DELVE17 - CORK MIDSUMMER FESTIVAL

Waterford Spraoi – 4- 6th August - Programme DELVE17 - SPRAOI FESTIVAL

NCFI, Tralee – 10 – 12th November - Programme DELVE17 - NATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL OF IRELAND


APPLICATION NOW CLOSED but you can sign up and become a member today for a chance to be selected for one of DELVE programmes 2018.

Application details.


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Since 2016 we partnered with a number of festivals offering the ISACS members tickets, accommodation, travel support, mentoring and critical discourse.

#DELVE16 - Belfast Festival of Fools.

#DELVE16 - The Irish Aerial Dance Festival (Letterkenny)

#DELVE16 - The Dublin Dance Festival

#DELVE16 - Waterford Spraoi

#DELVE16 - The National Circus Festival Ireland (Tralee)

#DELVE17 - Dublin Dance Festival

#DELVE17 - Cork Midsummer Festival

#DELVE17 - Spraoi Festival (Waterford)

#DELVE17 - National Circus Festival of Ireland (Tralee)

Thank you to all our fantastic DELVE  Partners since 2016 and to Arts Council Ireland for supporting ISACS to provide new professional and development training opportunities for these exciting art forms.

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