When you become an ISACS member, you get all the support and benefits of being part of a larger group.

Our membership is open to individuals, companies and organisations who work in or actively support the development of Street Art, Circus and Spectacle in their professional practice. From large-scale spectaculars through to intimate street performances – we support them all.

We represent over 100 member organisations and individuals across Ireland and beyond. Our members include artists, directors, technicians, academics, producers and festivals, and we have partners from local authorities, agencies, venues, strategic initiatives, production companies and national funding bodies.

When you become an ISACS member, we want you to make the most out of your membership. We actively encourage all our members to take part in as many activities as they can. We encourage growth, confidence and development.

Benefits of Membership

An extensive network of over 100 professionals – Working in Ireland and beyond. As a networking organisation, one of ISACS key functions is putting members together for advice, support and to develop opportunities.

International Partnerships – ISACS has a well-established network of international connections and partnerships. We want to open as many doors as we can for our members and expand their horizons.

The exclusive Member Newsletter – Circulating a thorough and useful round-up of news from the sector, with funding, commissioning and employment opportunities and other ISACS news.

Professional Development – We offer the opportunity to train and learn – exclusively for members. ISACS is constantly working to develop the sector by providing professional advice, training, mentorship, and development to our members. We host several professional development programmes in response to the needs of our members and of the art forms including our DELVE and NEST Programmes.

Promotional Opportunities – Through the ISACS social media campaigns and the newsletter, we turn to our membership for case studies in our publications, guidance documents, toolkits and national and international presentation.

General member guidance – When we’re travelling or just in the office, we love to sit down with our members for a chat, a bit of light mentoring, steering and making connections and offering general advice on their work. Just drop us a line to set up a meeting.

Our Socials

We’re always interested in hearing from our members and they love to hear from each other so please get in touch!


As a member of Ireland’s leading representative association for the street arts, circus and spectacle art forms you are encouraged to use the following logos. By displaying the ISACS logo on your website, publicity material or headed paper you let funders, fellow arts professionals, local authorities and performers know that you are:

  • subscribing to ISACS ethos of partnership, collaboration and good management practice in the street arts, circus and spectacle sector, for the development and benefit of all.
  • encouraging other organisations to find out about the ISACS Network and become members themselves. More members mean that ISACS becomes bigger and stronger and even better equipped to represent the sector to government and funding bodies.

Members Voting Rights

Individual Members, Voluntary and Professional Member Organisations are entitled to vote for the Directors of the company. The voting system applied will equal one vote per current paid membership.

The Board of Directors will maintain a current register of Members of the Company. Only Members whose name is included on the register will be entitled to attend and vote at the AGM and any EGM’s.

For more information on Board elections and voting procedures please contact us.

Memberships and Rates

There are two of membership:

Individual Memberships

  1. Pre-professional (for students (must be 18+ years old) or those just finding their feet and have not yet made any income from your practice) – €25 per year.
  2. Professional (for sole traders, including freelance performers, directors, writers, makers, prop & costume designers, producers, and others working in these fields) – €50 per year.

Organisation Memberships

  1. Small (for small organisations and festivals. Turnover < €30,000) – €80 per year.
  2. Medium (for medium size organisations, growing festivals and mid-size departments in local authorities. Turnover €30,000 – €100,000) – €130 per year.
  3. Large (an established company or festival or large departments in local authorities. Turnover €100,000 – €200,000) – €190 per year.
  4. Extra Large (an established company or festival or large department in local authorities. Turnover €200,000 – 500,000) – €300 per year.
  5. Super Large (an established company or festival or large department departments in local authorities. Turnover > €500,000) – €500 per year.

Memberships run from the date registered x 12 months*

Annual subscriptions are based on the members or company’s turnover the previous year. Subscriptions are detailed below.

*Please note that individual and organisation memberships are automatic payments packages.