This online edition of Siteswaps is available to stream for free.

About Siteswaps:

Media Circus’ Siteswaps was released to DVD in 2006, and is considered by many to be the most informative juggling film ever made.

The Magnum Opus of juggling patterns, a vast encyclopaedic collection of patterns, featuring literally thousands of 3 to 11 object patterns, with balls, rings, clubs, mangoes and coconuts, filmed in colourful locations across the globe over a 5 year period.

As well as the juggling, the Siteswap DVD contains extensive interviews with the seminal figures in the history of siteswap notation.

Kaskade says: “Anyone who is fascinated by tricks that go beyond the three-object cascade – either to juggle them yourself or just to watch then – will love this DVD”

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