Tumble Circus are looking for circus bodies for a new show touring in 2023

Steal As Much As You Can (working Title)

It will be a new big top touring show.

We are looking for circus people who have solo or duo acts.

Artists with a strong primary act and skilled in other physical circus skills.

We are looking for aerialists, acrobats, jugglers and clowns.

We will be making a show that will play in front of family audiences around Ireland.

The show will be mainly circus, with elements of theatre, movement and satire.

We are looking for people who identify primarily as circus artists and care about making creative circus with purpose.

People who love to move, shout and work physically, with other artists.

Artists who enjoy making people laugh, gasp and think.

If this adventure sparks your imagination please contact us bookings@tumblecircus.com

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