The next deadline for receipt of grant applications is midnight, 1st July 2023.

Applications for funding to present work internationally from 15th September 2023 onwards must be submitted by this date.

Please note that travel insurance should be in place to cover alterations to or cancellation of travel arrangements.

Freight insurance should also be in place where appropriate. Culture Ireland will not reimburse costs in cases where the event does not take place or travel is not undertaken.

Culture Ireland


Eligibility Requirements and Criteria

Culture Ireland offers support to Irish professional artists, arts organisations and international presenters to present work by Irish artists at significant international venues and festivals.

In supporting an event, Culture Ireland offers grant funding towards costs which relate directly to the international presentation of the event, i.e travel and travel related costs such as transport, accommodation and subsistence.

Culture Ireland considers applications for all forms of the arts as defined in the Arts Act 2003: “arts means any creative or interpretative expression (whether traditional or contemporary) in whatever form, and includes, in particular, visual arts, theatre, literature, music, dance, opera, film, circus and architecture, and includes any medium when used for those purposes”.

Basic Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Application must be in respect of a Irish professional artist/s or arts organisation
  2. Application must be in respect of an art form defined under the Arts Act 2003
  3. Only international events are supported (i.e., outside the island of Ireland)
  4. The event must be accessible to an open public audience and fees must be payable to the artist/s or arts organisation
  5. Funding support is limited to travel and travel related costs

Applications deemed eligible are assessed in line with the following criteria:

  1. Artistic quality of work and track record of artist/s or arts organisation
  2. Financial and operational viability of the event (including fees and level of support from presenter/venue/other partners)
  3. Profile of international venue/festival
  4. Proven capacity of applicant, artist/s or arts organisation to present work internationally
  5. Wider promotional and media impact

What does Culture Ireland mean by artistic quality? Artistic quality can be defined as work that is ambitious, excellent and original, connects to audiences and has been presented nationally to critical acclaim. It should be noted that the assessment of the artistic quality of the proposed work is made using knowledge, experience and specialist advice.

Examples of eligible applications include:

  • Theatre, circus and dance performances by professional companies
  • Film-makers presenting films at key international film festivals
  • Performances by professional or professionally-led musicians and ensembles
  • Visual artists/galleries exhibiting at internationally recognised art fairs/galleries
  • Readings by writers/poets in English or Irish or otherwise at international literary festivals

Please note that because of the competitive nature and context of each grant round, limited funding and a large number of applicants, eligibility and compliance with criteria for assessment alone does not guarantee that you will receive grant funding.

Examples of ineligible applications include:

  • Events which have already taken place
  • Research, opportunities, study or professional training
  • Production Costs
  • Residencies
  • Bursaries
  • Workshops/Conferences
  • Amateur events
  • Work by non-professional artists
  • Events of a competitive nature

Applications made outside the regular grant rounds

Applications will NOT be accepted outside of the regular grants rounds, except in EXCEPTIONAL circumstances and where the following additional conditions are met:

  1. Attendance could not have been anticipated at the time of the last regular grant round
  2. Event is high profile and of key international significance (this includes film festivals at which a film will be showcased or promoted)
  3. Event offers artist important career opportunity
  4. Opportunity cannot be availed of at a later date

Written evidence to support the above conditions is required for all out of round applications.

If you have any queries about the criteria listed above, please email

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