Institut français, Circostrada, and Circusnext are proud to partner up with Territoires de Cirque and Ministry of Culture in the next Nuit du cirque (Circus night).

This event celebrates contemporary circus and is coordinated by the French network Territoires de cirque and will take place on November 17, 18, and 19.

Every weekend following November 11th, LaNuit du Cirque is organized in France and abroad. Its objectives are to introduce a wide audience to the diversity of creative circus shows, to circulate the works and to share the values of this popular and committed art.

Beyond the members of the Territoires de Cirque network, all distribution and production places, local authorities, circus schools, self-presenting companies, museums… are invited to join the Nuit du Cirque, throughout France and abroad.

This is an opportunity for all the Circus organisations in Ireland that might have planned events on these dates in Ireland (workshop, conference, show) so that they could be included in the Nuit du Cirque and give such events international visibility. IF YOU HOST OR DEVELOP A CIRCUS EVENT ON NOVEMBER 17-18 OR 19, YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE TO BE PART OF THE NUIT DU CIRQUE, AND BENEFIT FROM ITS GLOBAL COMMUNICATION. More info here

We would need to receive the information on your events by 1st June to feature them in La Nuit du Cirque press kit with Ireland included in this initiative for the first time.

All that is required is the following:

  • The title of the event, the date(s)
  • The name of the company
  • The place of programming.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Send your details to by the 1st of June.

This international Circus event aims to showcase talent from around the world and give them high visibility.

For more information, email:,

Previous edition

Last year, The Night of the Circus was held on 11, 12 and 13 November. 72 hours of circus imagined by 150 structures. 158 artistic proposals in the form of 246 public events. Theatres, big tops, public spaces, unusual places, media libraries, museums, all places were invested in large cities as well as in the countryside, in France and 10 foreign countries. The event brought together 38,700 people who gathered for three days to attend workshops, performances, conferences, and shows and mobilized the local, national and international press and all types of media combined (print, web, radio, TV).

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