Do you know about the Artists Social Welfare Programme?

If you are a professional artist on Jobseeker’s Allowance or are considering applying for same you can apply for the Artists social welfare programme. This programme allows you to focus on your artistic work without participating in the department’s activation programme for one year only.

Enquire with your local social welfare office and share the above link with them directly. You will also need a cert from ISACS to demonstrate that you are a professional artist. Please fill in the form below to receive same.

To get this activation programme exemption, you must:

To obtain a Professional Artists Certificate

Please complete the following form to obtain your certificate from ISACS which will state, that you are a professional artist.In order to qualify for same, you must answer yes to a minimum of three of these questions.

Application Form

Please Note: If you tick yes to questions, 3, 4, 5 or 6, you will be required to provide evidence of same on completion of this survey.

Did you apply for this opportunity?

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