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ISACS Member - Spraoi
ISACS Member - Spraoi St Patrick's Parade 2017 | Photographer Graham Cullen
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Meet Alonso Lobato Jimenez, FRESH STREET#3 Coordinator


We are thrilled to welcome Alonso Lobato Jimenez in the ISACS Network team in the new part-time role of FRESH STREET#3 Co-ordinator from 1st December 2018 - June 2019He will be reinforcing the current ISACS team CEO Lucy Medlycott and Communications Officer Charlotte Haffner, ahead of the third edition of the International Seminar for the Development of Street Arts in May 2019, hosted by ISACS Network in partnership with the European Network for Street Arts and Circus CircostradaGalway 2020- European Capital of Culture and the National University of Ireland in Galway NUI Galway. Alonso will be working with us to prepare and plan for the International Conference FRESH STREET#3, which will have a high impact on the development of Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle in Ireland and internationally and to contribute to our fast-growing and thriving organisation with a strong vision for the years ahead.

In his first week working with us, our newly appointed FRESH STREET#3 Co-ordinator Alonso Lobato has already joined our CEO Lucy Medlycott and Galway 2020 Cultural Producer Craig Flaherty, in France last week at the Circostrada General meeting to work with our FRESH STREET#3 European workgroup. We are looking forward to keeping informed on our projects advancement but first give a warm welcome to Alonso and learn more about his background below.

Meet Alonso Lobato Jimenez, our new FRESH STREET#3 Co-ordinator!

Alonso Labato FRESH STREET#3I got my start in performing arts management working for Xtrax, one of the UK's leading outdoor arts development organisations. After four years managing outdoor arts projects with them, I decided it was time to return home to my native Spain and apply what I had learned in the UK. In recent years, my role within the performing arts sector has been as a festival coordinator and international relationship manager at festivals such as FITT (International Festival of Theatre of Tarragona, Catalonia), Festival Santiago OFF (Santiago, Chile) and Festival de Otoño (Madrid). At these large festivals, I managed various events and activities (particularly those for visiting programmers) and facilitated fluid communication among diverse teams. I also work with Catalan companies Escarlata Circus and Ada Vilaró on distribution, strategy and promotion.

It’s a true pleasure for me to join the team at Fresh Street in time for its third edition. I believe that outdoor art is important as a tool for communities to come together, build understanding and even to exchange ideas and culture among nations, which is something our world sorely needs at this moment. Cultivating international connections through the performing arts is a deep passion of mine and I think Fresh Street is the perfect opportunity for me to work on just that, by delivering a high-quality agenda of activities, discussions, workshops, networking and performances for arts professionals. 

 Read more information about FRESH STREET#3.

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