Third edition of Fira B! The professional market of music and performing arts of the Balearic Islands took place in Palma from September 20th to 24th. The fair presented the latest and most representative creations of artists from the Balearic Islands, artists with an attractive programme aimed at programmers, artists and the general public. ISACS was present exploring future partnerships between the Balearic Island and Ireland.

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The Institut Ramon Llull, in collaboration with Fira B!, organised the RIM in Palma de Mallorca from September 21st to 23rd for a selected group of directors of international venues, arts centres and festivals.


ISACS were delighted to be invited to participate in Fira B – Residencies International Meeting. The purpose of this programme was to develop international residency exchange programmes between the Balearic islands and invited International Guests.

ISACS was invited in its identity as an island nation with similar challenges for artists residing in the Balearic region, as in Ireland.




21/09.- Visit to three residencies centers in Mallorca:

22/09.-  Open session to present the venues and creation centers of RIM participants

23/09.-  Working session for RIM participants.




The programme had a very positive impact on participants in creating rewarding relationships, networks and contacts through a very personal approach and sincere style. As a direct result, ISACS are currently working on building collaborative partnerships with a view to residencies and exchange programmes between Creation centres in Ireland and in Majorca. ISACS are also very open to furthering relations with all other colleagues whom we met on this programme and aim to follow and stay in touch with their work programmes and opportunities for the immediate future.


Many thanks to Institut Ramon Llull, Institut d'Estudis Balearics, and Fira B! for the invitation.