ISACS-at-European-Leaders-Summit-BurningMan-Nantes-_20180411-092411_1 ISACS-at-ELS

Our CEO is just back from a trip where ISACS were invited to take part in Burning Man’s European Leadership Summit, which took place this year in the incredible atelier of Les Machines de l’Ile, Nantes, France. Check out their work.

Lucy Medlycott was invited to represent on behalf of the Circostrada Network and deliver a presentation on Creative Global Networks together with:

- Flora Rosenow (Global Impact Hub Network), 
- Marc Goldberg (Kinnernet Europe), 
- Dave Koren (Figment).

This dynamic four led by Megs Rutigliano of Burning Man Regional Network, discussed the reason and need for establishing networks and the impact that they can have on building and empowering the community, driving connections and creativity.

‘Opening windows through into new worlds has always been of interest to me and therefore sharing what we do here in Circostrada and ISACS and subsequently learning about the Burning Man movement has been really inspiring. Discovering the immense voluntary effort and sense of belonging that those involved have, and which makes it all happen was so refreshing and affirming.’ said Lucy about her experience.