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ISACS Member - Spraoi
ISACS Member - Spraoi St Patrick's Parade 2017 | Photographer Graham Cullen
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Delving at Dublin Dance Festival [Day 1] - Top 8 Hip Hop Battle

 headers Top8 hip hop battle

On the 21st, 27th and 28th of May two ISACS artists Ria Murphy of Aerial Cirque and Severine De Maleingrau of Sevesfeathers were selected to discover shows and events of the Dublin Dance Festival as part of ISACS DELVE professional development programme supported by Arts Council Ireland.

Delve into the first day of #Delve17 Dublin Dance Festival programme with Top 8 Hip-Hop Dance Battle V3! Read all about ISACS team report on the event and Seve's experience from her discussion with Tobi Omoteso, Dublin-based BBoy and event curator.


Introduction to Top 8 Hip-Hop Dance Battles V3.

Hip hop Dance Battle Dublin dance festival DELVE17

Hip-Hop innovator Tobi Omoteso and the Top 8 Team invited dancers from across Ireland and the world to showcase their best moves, represent themselves and their crew in their hugely popular annual dance battle to select this year's Top 8 winners. 

The Battle followed a day of workshops and competitive heats led by the dance masters Top 8 Team, who are passionate about bringing communities together through Hip-Hop culture. 

Thanks to our partnership with Dublin Dance Festival, the event was included in #Delve17 Dublin Dance Festival.

View #Delve17 Dublin Dance Festival Full Programme.


Delve into the event

Under the colourful spotlights and on the beats of the DJ, the dancers fight for the title. The MC interacts with the audience, giving even more of a street dance vibe to the event and makes you feel like you're almost elsewhere, probably in America, not in Ireland anyway. Close to the stage, the audience scrutenises dancers' moves and expressions. The atmosphere is so energising that fellow dancers in the crowd are on the verge of jumping on stage and joining the battle.  

[Faustine Damman - ISACS Communications Assistant, describing the event.]


The dance styles

Hip Hop

Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping which were created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews in the United States.


Dancing in which solo dancers perform acrobatics that involve touching various parts of the body (such as the back or head) to the ground characterised by intricate footwork, pantomime, spinning headstands, tumbling, and elaborate improvised virtuosic movements. It’s more physical and acrobatic.


Dance to popular music, especially hip-hop, in a style characterised by rapid, exaggerated movements of the arms and legs.

All Styles


The curator 

delve17 Tobi omotesoTobi Omoteso is a big deal in the Hip-Hop community. He is an award-winning dancer, recognised for his talent nationally and internationally.

He has won Hip-Hop King of Ireland six years in a row, has won Hip-Hop All Ireland Crew Championship two years in a row and he was the face of B-Boying and Street Dance at many conferences. He has also scored top place at international competitions and made several festival and TV appearances.

He has been dancing and training for over 15 years, and has mentored many emerging dance artists and has taught in various schools throughout the country, spreading the art of Hip-Hop and its culture. 



The judges: 

  • Anton LB Phung (UK) for Breaking, part of the SMAC 19 crew, one of UK's first generation breaking crews and multi-award winners.
  • Soul Brother Chi (UK) for Hip Hop representing Sui Generis Crew,
  • Jordan Likiyo (Belgium) aka Badd Machine for Krump representing European Krump community and the renowned LikiyoFam


Top 8 Core Team: Deborah O'Connor and Sachith Permarathna

DJs: KhanFu (UK) and Dimitri (Lativa)



Choreography by Crew Showcase // Paradox X Kombat Fam merging different dance styles from classic dance to hip-hop, break dance, krump, contemporary dance, jazz dance and gymnastic rhythmic.

Watch the performance here.


 And the event winners are: 

  • Under 16 years old age in Allstyle: Jamie Smith aka Kombat. Watch the finals here.
  • Krump style: Karl Smith aka K9 (Jamie’s big brother). Watch the finals here.
  • Hip-Hop style: Gavin VS Nathan (from the P-Enemy Crew). Watch the finals here.
  • Battle Bboy: Smac19 (UK) VS Hotmilk (France). Watch the finals here.


Delver Sevesfeather in conversation with Tobi Omoteso, Dublin-based BBoy.

- Report on “Hip Hop Battles” (by Top 8 Hip-Hop Dance Battles) & “Meet the Makers” 

delve17 Sevesfeathers

Sevesfeathers is Dublin-based artist specialised in hand-balancing and creator of 'Unguarded'. She is also teaching workshops and classes in hand-balancing at the Dublin Circus Project. She was part of #Delve17 Dublin Dance Festival.


View Sevesfeathers ISACS profile | Facebook | Instagram

View Sevestfeathers #delve17 report

As a DELVer at the Dublin Dance Festival, I gleaned artist’s insights with the help of my “Fast Track to Dance” partners.


My take-away points: the world is your gym-oyster. Don’t care. Don’t prevent movements or the flow will stop. “If you feel something is for you, go for it. Be open.” Less thinking, more feeling. More community nurturing.


For Tobi, dancing comes from a place of authenticity. It is a lifestyle. I suspect it also generates incredible charisma. Tobi hones his moves while cooking, when reaching for random things around him. He’ll break into a dance move on the street if he feels like it. He never holds back. It’s totally integrated into his everyday life.

“It’s an attitude. Don’t stop that impulse. If you prevent it, it’ll never flow. Let it flow. Feel it; no lies, no friction.”


Tobi sometimes removes the music, the audience and the community to focus solely on skills, to “please the eyes, and the mind’s eyes”.

I was instantly infected by his raw and generous energy. He could hardly sit still while talking to us, Fast-Trackers, about dancing. A few of us regretted not asking him to demonstrate breaking. The frustrating irony of talking about movement.


Together, we also questioned the impact of the training space on the art form. Like other underground art forms, breaking indeed started in the streets as a community-oriented practice. What do you lose or gain when you bring it to a studio? “It’s a different feeling, for sure” says Tobi. Tobi never seems concerned.

I thought again about movement as an obvious stress-reducing anti-overthinking practice. Stress feeds off of the lack of connection. I thought next time I am on stage, I will visualise “my family” right behind me, just like I witnessed in those galvanising Hip-Hop Battles. All your friends, family, fellow artists and performers who regularly show you they enjoy your art and support you? They got your back. They channel power into your performance and creations, whatever your art form.


We exchanged details. I was left with a long-lasting sense of inspiration.

delve17 dublin dance festival hip hop battle top8 organiser participants

Read Severine's feedback on the DELVE programme.

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