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ISACS Member - Spraoi
ISACS Member - Spraoi St Patrick's Parade 2017 | Photographer Graham Cullen
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DELVE18: Meet the Carlow Arts Festival Delvers!


Congrats to our member Geena O'Keeffe and Enda Moran! They have been selected to take part in our #DELVE18 programme at Carlow Arts Festival this June! Once again, our DELVErs will Discover, Explore, Learn Visualise and Engage with the artists at a selection of events specially selected by our festival partner and share their experiences and learnings with you.

Keep an eye on the hashtags #DELVE18 and #CarlowArts the weekend of June 8-10.
We will be retweeting and reposting what’s happening live at the events on:
- Facebook (Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network @ISACSNetwork),
- Twitter (@ISACSIreland),
- Instagram (@ISACSIreland).

You will also be able to read their feedback afterwards on the DELVE page of our website!

What's on at Carlow Arts Festival?

Carlow Arts Festival is a celebration of the many extraordinary riches the arts has to offer from national and international artists. They've hand-picked world festival premières, award-winning shows, immersive visual arts projects, the best possible gigs for the O’Haras Festival Pavilion and a whole host of family-friendly and free events. Taking place at the beautiful Carlow College, St. Patrick’s, audiences can immerse themselves in artistic adventures over the week-long festival, and look out around the town for performances popping up in unexpected places!

The festival starts on the 8th of May and has a very exciting programme. Check out ISACS top 10 events at Carlow Arts Festival 2018 for recommendations!

Read the full details on #Delve18 at Carlow Arts Festival Programme.

Who are the DELVErs?
Discover the Delvers and what they expect from the DELVE programme!

Geena O'Keeffe | ISACS Profile

Geena is a self-taught hula hoop artist and staff spinner who has been spinning props for four years. Hula hooping is her greatest passion and this has led to a budding interest in contact staff and dance. She is currently booked to attend a number of festivals this summer and is also on the lookout for collaborative opportunities to get involved in. Previous experience includes stage performances at Morning Gloryville (sober morning rave) and Daytripper (with Jenny Green), walkabouts and fire shows at small festivals including at the International Viking Festival, and busking regularly on the streets of Waterford. Geena is working on developing her performance style and creating a compelling show in order to continue booking events and working in the arts into the future.

Current Project:

Geena is currently working with a group of talented performers known as Dreamscape Circus.

'The troupe uses hula hoops, clubs, and staffs to explore the area we inhabit through movement. It is primarily aimed at festivals and outdoor events and we move across the event site, weaving in and around onlookers and passing props between them. Each of us sparkles in elaborate handmade costumes of top hats and waistcoats on top of colourful dresses, skirts, and festive fabrics. The concept at the core of our group is to bring a cohesive, fun, entertaining, and skilled performance piece to any event we are lucky enough to become a part of.'

'The main thing that excites me about the DELVE programme is the opportunity to get to know the team at ISACS. I’ve been very busy since joining the site and really feel like I haven’t engaged with it as much as I wanted to. I’m looking forward to learning more about what ISACS is all about. Ireland is a really exciting place to be as someone who is hoping to become more involved in the arts. There is so much talent and hard work that goes into all of our incredible events here in Ireland, and DELVE is an opportunity to learn a little bit more about how it all works.'

Follow Geena on Facebook and Instagram!

Enda Moran | ISACS Profile

Enda Moran is performing artist and Director from Ireland. Currently residing in Waterford, he tutors Street Spectacle with Waterford Youth Arts Circus. The group is preparing for their upcoming show 'Weird Wacky & Wonderful', which will premiere at Spraoi Festival 2018.

His work in the community as a teacher and facilitator is closely interwoven with his experience as a solo and collaborative performer. Through his work, he continues to create and develop links between community and performing arts using immersive and alternative performance techniques.

'I'm very excited to have the opportunity to see some leading acts and companies visiting the South East for inspiration and creating links with the wider arts community.'

Follow Enda on Facebook and Twitter, and check out the Waterford Youth Arts website

What is the DELVE programme?

DELVE is a GO-SEE professional development programme supported by Arts Council Ireland, launched in 2016, to support ISACS members to get out, see and learn about street, circus and performance arts happening all around Ireland.

The programme involves going to various festivals, seeing and observing work from the street, circus and spectacle sectors, meeting the artists, the crew and discovering new ideas, inspiration and delving into these art forms with fresh eyes!

The aim of DELVE is to encourage dialogue and discussion around a variety of arts forms in Ireland, and to offer critical discussion and analysis and dynamic practices. Participants are encouraged to submit feedback from the events which can be read on our the DELVE page of our website

Take part in the next DELVE Programmes!

This year, we have partnered up with five festivals to offer ISACS artists the opportunity to delve into Irish Festivals: Dublin Dance Fest – 18 – 28th May, Carlow Arts Festival - 6th - 10th June, Cork Midsummer – 15th – 24th June, Waterford Spraoi – 3rd - 5th August, National Circus Festival of Ireland, Tralee – 8th – 11th November.

Please check the DELVE application requirements, and programmes and deadline.
You have to be a fully paid ISACS member to be a part of this scheme so you can
register here now and avail of our members' benefits for a full year.
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