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ISACS Member - Spraoi
ISACS Member - Spraoi St Patrick's Parade 2017 | Photographer Graham Cullen

Welcome to the team!

She's survived 2 months in lock-down as part of the ISACS team and now she is here to stay. 
We are very happy to officially welcome our new Company Administrator: Amanda Usher!  

Amanda graduated from Dublin City University in 2011 with a higher-level degree in Contemporary Culture and Society. The following year, she went on to obtain a Masters Degree in Public Relations from Dublin Institute of Technology.

Since graduating, she has worked predominately in the IT sector, working as a Business Development Executive, and a Technical advisor among others. She is no stranger to business and has worked with clients that are household names both in Ireland and Europe.

Amanda has always been drawn to creative practices and in 2018 she decided to return to education to study her passion - fine art, focusing on developing her skills in painting in particular. She is due to receive her degree in Art and Design from Carlow Institute of Technology in 2020.

Amanda is thrilled to be part of the ISACS family and is looking forward to helping take the network forward.

The excitement is mutual and we are very curious to see what adventures lay ahead!

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#COVID-19: Some helpful tips


[this post is being constantly updated as news comes in]

It goes without saying that this Corona Virus has hit us all with a total shock and many of the ISACS members are now in a serious crisis due to the immediate loss of earnings for the foreseeable future.

First: Please see the Department of Health guidelines here for advice on how to manage and control the spread of this virus.

Second: ISACS does not have any solutions, but we can offer you some practical advice which may help get you through the next few weeks.

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You are Invited to the 2020 Online ISACS AGM [Members only]

UPDATE: Annual Report 2019 is available HERE.

As agreed by the ISACS members, the 2020 Annual General Meeting will take place online. 
Here is all you need to know: 

When: Tuesday, April 28th, 2020
10.00 - 11.30 AM
Please login 10 minutes in advance so we can start the AGM on time.

on Zoom
We will be sending the login details individually, via e-mail, one day before the AGM to all members who register on Eventbrite.

Registration: please register on Eventbrite here. The AGM is only open to current live ISACS members. 
Contact us to renew your membership now!

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Impact of COVID-19 on the Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle sector

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, ISACS circulated a survey among our members to ascertain the impact of same on livelihoods. We received a response rate of almost 50% of our current live membership.


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You are Invited to EXplore and the 2020 AGM [Members only]

EXplore - our Annual Seminar - and the 2020 AGM are getting close. 

When: March 24, 2020
Registration: 10 AM
Explore begins at 10.30
AGM starts at 12.30 PM.

Where: Dance Ireland, Dance House, Foley Street, Dublin 1

Registration: please register on Eventbrite beforehand as we will be providing light refreshments, tea and coffee for the participants.
Registration is only open to current ISACS members so make sure you have renewed your membership.

Guest speaker:  ORIT AZAZ - Independent Artistic Director and Creative Consultant

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OPEN LETTER to the 2020 General Election candidates

Dear candidates in the 2020 General Election, 

We are writing this letter on behalf of over 100 artists and companies (who account for over 600 individual practitioners) that are members of ISACS - the Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle network.
We are keen to know, if you get elected, how you propose to support and develop the Arts in Ireland.

We are asking all candidates to commit to TWO things:

  • Increase government investment in the arts in line with Europe

  • Find a solution to the insurance crisis immediately

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Company Administrator Wanted

Would you like to share this amazing office view with us? 
Join ISACS as our new Company Administrator!

The role of Company Administrator is a new position in the company and an opportunity for the position holder to contribute strongly to the development of Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle in Ireland and internationally.

This is a part time role at 20 hours per week in a busy membership organisation, and we are seeking a dynamic individual who is keen to work within a fast growing network.

If you would like to work as part of a small and mutually supportive team, APPLY HERE by January 31st, 2020!

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ISACS Wexford headquarters !

Have you seen the ISACS headquarters in the beautiful reconstructed Spawell Centre in Wexford town?

This building has had many functions over the years, most recently as the County Hall for Wexford County Council and now it hosts a variety of organisations including Wexford Local Development, the Cornmarket Project and us ! 

We are most grateful to Wexford County Council for hosting the Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network in this beautiful location! We love it!
So come to Wexford, pay us a visit, you are all very welcome, in fact there is a hot desk here just for you laughing

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Insurance update and report | November 2019


The Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Network have been advocating for Insurance Reform for this sector for over three years. Insurance has long been an issue for artists, but it really came to a head in 2017 when the UK underwriters started to withdraw from trading in Ireland, leaving only one provider for the teaching of aerial skills. Subsequently the costs for same went up by five times in less than a year, even with no claims. That underwriter (Lloyds) has since withdrawn, leaving not a single provider for the teaching of circus skills, in particular aerial, or anything which is off the ground by more than 1.5 metres in Ireland.
This leaves many artists and organisations at risk of two things:
  • Operating without insurance
  • Closing down
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A 6 month long L.E.A.P.

The last L.E.A.P. programme addition of 2019 is Augustina Vasile. She will be assisting the team in the following 6 months (until May 2020) with communication and event planning activities while also learning new skills in managing an artists’ network and advocating for street arts and circus.
ISACS started the L.E.A.P. programme in 2017. This programme is a part of the professional training programme that offers future arts leaders experience in research, communications and event coordination. L.E.A.P. means Learn, Experience, Achieve, and Prepare and by the means of the learning-by-doing approach participants receive real-world experience working in an arts organisation. 

Here is a small testimonial from Augustina which will help you get to know her before meeting her in person in ISACS’ next events.
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ISACS at National Circus Festival of Ireland 2019

Thank you to National Circus Festival of Ireland for welcoming us so warmly ! We were absolutely delighted to take part in this event.

This year, for#DELVE19,
Elysia Mc Mullen and Deirdre Griffin experienced for the first time NCFI at Tralee. 
For these new ISACS members, this was a great opportunity to seek inspiration and make new contacts.
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Future of Ireland’s Leading Centre for Youth and Social Circus Development: Threatened by Insurance.

Street Arts Body calls for Local Authorities to intervene with emergency measure.

ISACS, the The Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network has expressed its dismay at the announcement that Galway Community Circus, one of Irelands flagship social circus projects, has been forced to cancel all classes for their 650 members and may be forced to close its doors due to the lack of available, adequate insurance, jeopardising one of the main projects of Galway Capital of Culture 2020.

Lucy Medlycott, Director of ISACS said “So far, no insurance reform put forward by the Government has done anything to protect the provision of liability insurance for the Galway Community Circus (GCC) or any of our other member organisations. As an emergency measure we call on the local authorities of Ireland, who benefit hugely from the presence of street artists in their communities, to act immediately to instruct the insurance company they own, the Irish Public Bodies mutual, to cover the activities of our members as an emergency measure while we wait for insurance reform to take effect.

“It makes no sense to us in ISACS, that the State can support the creation of many projects which are in the public interest, but cannot facilitate the provision of insurance to these projects to protect themselves.”

“The Arts Council of Ireland alongside the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, have increased their investment in street art in recent times, recognising their hugely democratic, civic and accessible nature. They believe in this work and in its benefits for our society. It follows that they would like to support the development of the next generation of artists to continue the work put in to date. In order to do that, it is vital that centres like Galway Community Circus can continue to deliver the high quality training programmes that they do. GCC has taken years to build these programmes and have grown a particularly specialist team of staff to deliver same. Ireland will be the loser, if nothing is done about providing insurance RIGHT NOW to protect the over 20 jobs which GCC provides.”

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DELVE19: Meet the NCFI DELVErs

Congrats to ISACS members Elysia McMullen and Deirdre Griffin !

They have both been selected to take part in our DELVE programme at National Circus Festival of Ireland this November! For the fourth year in a row, our DELVErs will Discover, Explore, Learn Visualise and Engage with the artists and programmers at a selection of events specially selected by our festival partner and share their experiences and learning’s with you. 

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SEE HERE: Meet Tia Jorda & Rafal Sadownik at NCFI Tralee

ISACS are delighted to partner with Culture Ireland to bring International Programmers to attend and meet with ISACS artists at the National Circus Festival of Ireland, Tralee next week-end.
So come along and meet with Tià Jorda of Circaire, Mallorca and Rafał Sadownik of Carnaval Sztukmistrzow.

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Another L.E.A.P. Forward!


November – December 2019

"I come from Nantes (France), and I am currently doing an International management degree at ENC (Ecole Nantaise de Commerce). Part of this course includes a 7 week internship, which I am happy to complete with the ISACS Network.  While here I will be learning all about communication and event management."

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ISACS is Growing!!

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our team with the appointment of Kate Lynch as Company Administrator.

Kate’s role is a vital one which will ensure the continued growth and development of the Network. Kate will oversee the administration of the office, the financial management and the implementation of policies and procedures. You are so very welcome Kate!!

Kate is a Wexford woman originally, who spread her wings to Australia where she has lived and worked since 2010.

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Coolcatts Halloween Festival in partnership with Sorcas Garman


Date: Thursday 31st October      Time: 5pm        Where: Coolcotts Youth Centre

Sorcas Garman is a new initiative bringing Social and Youth Circus practice to Wexford. The project was developed in partnership with the Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Network, Core Creations, FDYS, Wexford County Council, Wexford Arts Centre and Local Link Wexford.

Wexford Local Development have been the main stakeholder in this project throughout 2019, which has provided new and exciting ways to engage young people in creative and physical activity.

The group of young people, who are part of the FDYS Youth Project, have met every Tuesday afternoon at Wexford Arts Centre since February. There they have learned many skills such as juggling, stilt-walking, basic acrobatics, hula hoop and many more. These skills promote team building, develop self-esteem, encourage safe risk-taking and increase trust and responsibility.

Some of the feedback from the participants include:

‘Sorcas Garman is where I come to clear my mind’ (age 15)

‘Sorcas Garman is a creative outlet for me and is a great way to meet up with friends.’ (age 13)

‘It is a way to learn multiple skills and a way to convey emotions and stuff.’ (age 12)

‘Makes me feel energetic and welcomed in a group.’ (age 13)                                                                                                                   

Throughout the project the young people have worked with a  wide range of artists from different practices developing new ideas and ways of working and thinking. Sorcas Garman wants to thank each and every one of these artists for all their energy, enthusiasm and contributions.

There has been a notable increase in confidence levels and ownership of the workshop's and the skills learned and mastered. The young people have developed life-long skills and true friendships have been formed. Also the input from the youth-workers, Wexford Arts Centre Staff and Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Network, has contributed to the overall feeling of solidarity and security within the group.’ said Enda Moran of Core Creations – director of Sorcas Garman.

The social impact of engaging in creative and physical activities has been noted by the FDYS team also:

‘FDYS are delighted to be part of this exciting programme, over the weeks we have watched young people grow in confidence as they learn a variety of circus skills. We are very excited to have Sorcas Garman lead this year’s Coolcatts Halloween Fest where young people will showcase the various skills they have learned over the past few months’ said Eimear McMahon FDYS youth worker

The project is now coming to the end of this the first phase and invites you all to come and see their work as part of the annual Coolcatts Halloween Festival on 31st October from 5pm in Coolcotts, Wexford. A massive thanks was extended to all the partners for their commitment and support: Wexford Local Development, FDYS, Wexford Arts Centre, Local Link Wexford, Wexford County Council, Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Network and Core Creations, without whom this project would not have been possible.

If you would like to support this project going forward, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact Debbie Roche/Eimear McMahon | Youth Workers with FDYS | www.fdys.ie

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#DELVE 19 - National Circus Festival Ireland

NCFI2019 logo files







Our next D.E.L.V.E. takes place at the National Circus Festival of Ireland from 15 – 17th November 2019! 

The Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Network (ISACS) are thrilled to announce we have partnered with NCFI yet again to bring you our special DELVE programme for 2019 with an opportunity for two DELVE participants to attend.

Participants will Discover, Explore, Learn Visualise and Engage with the artists and their fellow ISACS member and will be encouraged to share their experiences and learning’s submitting their feedback on the DELVE page of our website, sharing it on social media and any relevant online platforms!

The closing date for this programme is Tuesday 29th October at 12 noon

Check out DELVE application requirements 2019.

It has broadened my eyes in terms of the types of performance styles and levels that our country has to offer. I would firmly recommend the DELVE programme to other ISACS members in the future.

Danielle Reck - full feedback

You will make so many connections that will help you discover more about what you want to do. And not only that you will make genuine friendships. It is completely nourishing for anyone who wants to delve into their discipline more with a professional outlook.

Nicola Moran - full feedback

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DELVE19: Meet the Spraoi Delvers!

Congrats to our members Sarah Kinneen - Flowlita and Fiona Hession – Galway Community Circus.

They have been selected to take part in our DELVE programme at Waterford Spraoi this August! For the fourth year in a row, our DELVErs will Discover, Explore, Learn Visualise and Engage with the artists and programmers at a selection of events specially selected by our festival partner and share their experiences and learning’s with you. 

Keep an eye on the hashtags #DELVE19 and #Spraoi2019.

We will be retweeting and reposting what’s happening live at the events on: 

- Facebook (Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network @ISACSNetwork), 
- Twitter (@ISACSIreland), 
- Instagram (@ISACSIreland).

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On the Road: Open Forum | in partnership with Outdoor Arts UK & Spraoi

Date: Sunday 4th August 2019

Time: 10 – 11.30am

Venue: Garter Lane Arts Centre, 22A O’Connell Street, Waterford, X91 DX57

This year’s theme for our very popular open forum is:

‘Feeding Creativity’ 

How can creativity be supported? What kinds of things does creativity need to flourish? Where does inspiration/motivation come from? What makes you feel creative?

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