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ISACS Member - Lumen Street Theatre
ISACS Member - Lumen Street Theatre at Limerick Circus250 Parade | Photography Sean Curtin
Date: 6th & 9th & 11-13th May 2018 
Where: Dublin - Ireland
Tickets: Free entrance - for DELVE participants.
 Application deadline: Monday 23rd April 2018

delve18 dublin dance festival

The first DELVE programme of the year takes place at Dublin Dance Festival (May 21st-28th)!

We are delighted to have partnered with the Dublin Dance Festival and bring you our first very special DELVE programme for 2018 with opportunity for two DELVE participants to attend:


Check DELVE18 programme application requirements & benefits here: DELVE18: OPEN CALL

[Scroll Down for #DELVE18 Dublin Dance Festival programme details]


Top 8 Street Dance Battle

 Picture credits: Jekaterina-Goidina

1.Dublin Dance Festival Top 8 Street Dance Battle Photo Jekaterina Goidina

Meeting House Square

Sun 6 May

7 pm

180 mins approx. (incl. two intervals)

'A celebration of urban culture and street dance that brings together artists from Ireland and Europe'

This hugely popular event, fuelled with energy, passion and attitude, will showcase the best of Irish and international street dancers as they battle it out in Meeting House Square.

This celebration of street dance culture will also feature special performances by the high-profile competition judges and guest turntable and beatbox artists, with live painting by Irish graffiti artists adding to the fun and vibrant atmosphere. Contestants in the Street Dance Battle will show off their talents in Breaking, Hip-Hop and Krump, having earned their place at qualifying heats earlier in the day.

Read last years' Top 8 Street Battle blog post for a glimpse of the atmosphere and what your experience will be!

And so you See

(Robyn Orlin)

Picture credits: Bohumil Kostohryz | Kinneksbond, Centre Culturel Mamer

DDF Robyn Orlin And So You See Bohumil Kostohryz Kinneksbond Centre

Project Arts Centre, Space Upstairs

Wed 9 May

7:30 pm

60 mins (no interval)

Khoza’s exuberant and outrageous performance produces theatrical fireworks, as he guides the audience through the seven mortal sins to the strains of Mozart’s Requiem. A sangoma (traditional healer) living in modern South Africa, Khoza explores questions which Orlin poses to a post-apartheid society.

FastTrack To Dance Programme

Live Collision

Picture: Live Collision featuring ISACS Delve participants 2018 Sevesfeathers and Aerial Cirque

Fast Track to Dance 2017

This is the ideal platform if you have not been exposed to much dance but are curious to explore what it’s all about. This year’s programme will run over 3 days, giving you the opportunity to attend spectacular performances, meet artists and engage with your experiences through group sessions facilitated by the Live Collision team.

If you’re keen to develop your critical eye and learn more about dance, this is the programme for you!

Read our DELVE17 - Fast Track to Dance Programme Blog Post for a glimpse of the atmosphere!


Date Fri 11 May, 6:30 pm – 9 pm

Session 1: Meet & Greet | 6.30 - 7.15 pm


Ion and Christos Papadopoulos Post Talk Show

Picture credit: Elina Giounanli

Dublin Dance Festival 2018 Christos Papadopoulos Ion Elina Giounanli

Samuel Beckett Theatre

Fri 11 May

7.30 pm - 8.30 pm

60 mins approx. (no interval)

Ten dancers explore the power of group dynamics, the sharing of a common rhythm, the sixth sense of belonging. They do not chase that fleeting moment of perfect unison. Instead, they pursue a pattern of movement, both harmonious and elusive. In doing so, this minimalistic piece offers a poetic reflection on the natural order of things and the unspoken rules which often escape us. Enter a meditative and hypnotic universe with this new ensemble piece by Greek choreographer Christos Papadopoulos, who returns to Dublin Dance Festival following the success of the captivating Elvedon at DDF2017.

Post Talk 

8.30 pm - 9 pm

Date Sat 12 May, 11 am – 9 pm


Session 2: Meet the Makers | 11 am - 12.30 pm

Lunch | 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm


First Looks

(Ruairí Donovan, Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company, Jessie Keenan)

Picture credits: Iseli Chiodi Dance Company Merlin by Alex Iseli

1.DDF Iseli Chiodi Dance Company Merlin Photo Alex Iseli


Sat 12 May

2 pm - 3 pm

60 minutes

First Looks offers Irish and international dance presenters, as well as audience members, a chance to view new works-in-development by Ireland-based artists. An initiative of Dublin Dance Festival and Culture Ireland, this year’s programme is a mixed bill of three studio-sharings.

Ruairí Donovan
Archipelagic Thinking
Talamh an Éisc, an Íoslainn, Oileáin Fharó, Oileán Chléire. Working through Gaeilge and English, Donovan examines affect in both languages and the moving body. Ag gluaiseacht le capaillagus le míolta móra. Archipelagic Thinking explores shared cultural identity and migratory patterns of humans and animals across The North Atlantic Arc.

Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company
Merlin aims for a mix of animalism and finesse, in the choreography as much as in the movement. Filled with shadows, peopled with monsters, inhabited by an original soundtrack made of unknown languages and animal growls, Merlin delves into the ambiguous coexistence between our seemingly rational lives and our animal nature.

Jessie Keenan
How true is anything that we remember? Fragments of information, stored in different parts of the brain, connecting in the present moment to reconstruct an event from the past…what could go wrong? This piece examines the mystery, fragility and strange beauty in the intricate processes of recalling autobiographical memories.

Dancing Artificial Intelligence (DAI)

Picture credits:impactIA

DDF DAI Dancing Artificial Intelligence Photo impactIA

The Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin

Sat 12

4 pm - 4.15 pm.

15 mins, on the hour every hour

‘Born’ in 2017, DAI is more than a robot. It* is an Artificial Intelligence artist. What this means is that it thinks; it doesn’t follow a script or act randomly. It learns through experience. Here, in its first physical form, DAI is learning how to move by exploring its body and its environment, and by observing the gestures of the people it encounters.

DAI invites you to be part of its movement creation process, as it searches for ways to overcome some of the limitations that the physical world imposes on its virtual aspirations. Ultimately, it is hoped that DAI will learn how to dance.

*'It' will be used until DAI can communicate his/her/its preference.


Dinner | 4.30pm - 7pm

Selected Works

(Yvonne Rainer)

Picture credits: Daniel Assayag

Yvonne Rainer Photo Daniel Assayag


Sat 12

7:30 pm

60 mins approx. (incl. talk)

One of the most influential artists of the last 50 years, Yvonne Rainer was the first choreographer to include pedestrian movements in her works, altering the very vocabulary of dance.

This special programme presents her iconic early dance works Trio A with Flag (1966), Talking Solo from Terrain (1963) and Chair/Pillow (1969), and brings the NYC-based artist to Dublin for an historic conversation about her career.

As part of this programme, each event includes a pre-performance talk, offering audiences deeper insight into the works of this pioneering artist.
Pre-performance talks: Yvonne Rainer (Please note this is the only slot where Yvonne is doing the talk herself)

Ticket includes 2 free drinks after perf in IMMA chapel

Date Sun 13 May, 12 pm – 4 pm

Chocolate Factory

Session 3: Debrief | 12 pm - 2 pm


(Junk Ensemble)

Picture credits: Fionn McCann 

DDF Junk Ensemble Dolores Photo Fionn McCann

Chocolate Factory

Sun 13 May

3 pm - 4 pm

75 mins approx.

Inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s poetic and disturbing novel Lolita, Dolores is a powerful, uncompromising work which offers a new take on the story.

Told from the perspective of the once-silenced girl, Dolores gives voice to three distinct aspects of the character: the neglected and traumatised child, the candy-fed girl filled with American hopes and dreams, and the enraged woman full of fire and revenge.

Featuring a cast of acclaimed Irish and international performers, including actor Mikel Murfi and performance artist Amanda Coogan, this piece responds to Nabokov’s evocative text to expose the unsettling abuse and tragedy of a young girl. Junk Ensemble creates an immersive experience as they lead the audience through the intricately designed rooms of the performance space.


If you are interested in being a DELVE Dublin Dance festival participant, then please send an email to info@isacs.ie explaining why you would like to take part in the programme by April 23rd, 2 pm.

Please make sure you read the DELVE 2018 programme requirements before applying! You must be an ISACS member to apply!

Check last years' DELVErs feedback!

'I would definitely recommend others to partake in Delve; it’s an opportunity to jump into something that you may not have otherwise made room to do. While the shows were a great experience, taking time to discuss the work and having the opportunity to talk to the artists and directors was a true advantage of the programme, something I wouldn’t have been exposed to as a regular festival attendee.'

Ria Murphy - full feedback

Lucy inexcusably omitted to tell me this would unfold to be much more: a memorable whirlwind of a week. Six shows, an unlocked definition of “dance”, two spontaneous invitations to shows, three post-show talks, eight insightful chats with artists and performers, one challenging choreography masterclass, three heated debates, one phone number, one email address, seven Facebook adds, 10 pages of abstract gold nuggets, three coffees, nine drinks, a slice of pizza, a salad and an improvised handstand session at the Abbey Theatre bar.

“Go delve!” said Lucy. I dove right in.

Sevesfeathers - full feedback


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